Pour enough so that it seeps down into the roots, too. Reply. Vinegar or boiling water. Think about it, if boiling water will kill a bindweed root (which requires applying the hot water 2-3 feet in a circle around the plant), won't it also kill any other roots with which it comes into contact. amzn_assoc_track I read that Round-Up or boiling water will get rid of bindweed. I put my canning water to use a second time getting rid of the weeds that pop up in the gravel walkway by our front door. 4 answers Holly Lengner - Lost Mom. Use boiling water to get rid of bindweed. If you don’t want to use weedkiller, pour boiling water over the bindweed and around three inches beyond where it is growing, to kill as much root as possible. Even bindweed can’t survive that. Too much vinegar in the soil can alter the soil composition and acidity plus negatively affect soil life such as earthworms. Many people swear by boiling water which is great for a stray weed here and there but if you have the whole backyard of weeds, it’s going to get a bit tiresome. Boiling Water Plain, old tap water can do the trick too. You may have to do this regularly until there is no further sign of it. Dig up affected plants White vinegar or boiling water can be sprayed or poured directly on weeds to kill them, but there is a danger that nearby plants can also be harmed if you’re not extremely careful. I don't like to recommend chemical control unless absolutely necessary. I quite enjoy doing it . Answer + 1. Just pour the boiling water straight on the weeds to … But where precision isn't necessary, even a … They have not published any articles about it for several years that I could find. All you need to provide is water, shade, and some supplemental feed, as well as fencing to keep the geese in and predators out. Helpful. Columbia GB. Simply boil some water and pour it on the leaves of the targeted weed. . Bindweed's flowers, with their pink-striped undersides, are pretty, but the weed is very difficult to get rid of. | | POUR BOILING WATER OVER IT: If you don't want to use weedkiller, pour boiling water over the bindweed and around three inches beyond where it is growing, to kill as much root as possible. . Bindweed has an underground network, so you need to kill the root. You may have to do this regularly. on May 31, 2019. Thank you for your advice, Eliza. I did a bit of research on the best way to kill them off naturally and discovered a few different things. They kill other plants by blocking them from light. I do put bindweed runners and other noxious weeds in the compost–but I pour several kettles full of boiling water on them first in a big bucket and let them sit for a couple of days. on May 31, 2019. Sony WH-1000XM4. . Bindweed is tricky, cut one head off and you get 2-3 much larger in return. How to kill bindweed? Good news about the anti-cancer properties. Answered. "My favorite 'homemade' weed killer for cracks in sidewalks and driveways is boiling water," says Paul James , "The Gardener Guy." Natural Weed Control Option #3 – Boiling Water as a Natural Weed Killer. It's helpful to have a kettle to boil the water in, so that, when you pour, the stream of boiling water can be directed with a spout. G/O Media may get a commission. .