It sounds like you were very careful in your selections and took all the precautions needed. If you choose the wrong one, it can cause health issues for your reptile. We also clean the tanks with Ovadine and a 190 F geothermal water in between uses. Everything will need to be removed since paints are not safe until they cure and using a spray paint will be difficult with limited room to maneuver. I've been keeping fish for over 30 years and currently have 4 different aquariums – it's an addiction. Old stuff was called Crystal Craze. Thank you, Anne. This is especially true of smaller tanks. There isn’t really such a thing as aquarium-safe paint. This is a simple way to do and not very expansive. It’s easy to see why Plasti Dip is the go-to background paint of many fish keepers. Your aquarium might look calm and soothing, but it’s actually an extremely harsh environment. Hi! The alternative is to use any old paint and make sure it is properly sealed with clear sealant before adding it to your aquarium. spray paint isn’t an option. Reptile safe silicone for sealing. That’s what I used. Do I have to wait 7 days before doing the plastidip coat? Great response!!!! Admittedly, this is the first I have heard of it. The glass is going to add glare when you look at the background from the inside of your tank anyway. I am making a custom terrarium for our Chinese water dragons, we are using craft styrofoam to shape a lot of our decor, including the waterfall. And after years of testing through trial and error, hobbyists now have a good understanding of which paints are considered safe for your aquarium and which should be avoided – and they are affordable. I was originally going to silicon moss on to it, but decided to paint it instead. Content found on is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice. Is there a clear coat option available? If you search for crystal glass paint, it looks like some craft stores still carry something similar. Fusion pain should be the perfect solution. While Drylok comes in various colors, they likely are not aquarium-safe. You would need to seal the paint. If you've done this kind of thing you know that you sort of "paint… I personally paint my aquarium background black – it’s the same color as my heaters, filter plumbing and overflow, allowing them to blend into the background. Hi Ian I want to change the outside of my fish tank cabinet which is teak to black to match the colour scheme in my lounge but because it is laminate I.was advised the paint will not stick. there are several varieties that claim to bond to plastic. Myself and many other fishkeepers have been using this for years. Once the week is finished, rinse it in dechlorinated water to remove any leftover residue and dust that accumulated on the surface. thank you. For efficiency, a good rule of thumb is that oil … It came in many different shades and after it dried, and hardened, it had like a swirl or crackle effect. Because of this, Drylok is plain white in color. Clay that has been fired then glazed and fired again would be completely sterile and non-toxic. That’s why I use Plasti Dip. That sounds like quite a big project! By using more or less, you create different shades of color. While most hobbyists use flat (matte) paint for their background, it doesn’t matter too much if you use gloss or semi-gloss. I have never used an aquarium as a divider, but one of the members of my local fish club does. curious question if I may, if doing a background using foam then drylok, do you need to seal the drylok paint also? You must log in or register to reply here. It does a wonderful job at making stuff stick together permanently. It my experience however, these paints do not hold … Thanks once again. If the joints can be removed, it would be better if you go down that route. While Krylon Fusion may dry in as little as 15 minutes, it takes an entire week for it to properly cure and become chip-resistant. The bad news? Great Stuff is perfect for vivarium use, at least I'm sure the Gaps and Cracks one in the red can is. I built a custom lid for my 75g aquarium. Thanks for clarifying this. I want to be extra careful to not make the same mistake Thanks. You can add quickrete dyes to adjust the color. etc. As for paint, acrylic would be fine since it is sealed anyway. If it’s latex based and doesn’t contain anti-fungal or mold inhibitors, then it’s likely just a rebranding with new packaging. What paint and sealer would you recommend? Knowing I can use krylon fusion as a non toxic paint is a huge deal for me as I was concerned of having all blue for a visual background. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Any furniture sealant that doesn’t have mold inhibitors will be fine. Hi, I currently have a 4 foot tank which is divided and I painted the glass divider with a water based white paint. You need to consider your future plans for your aquarium. Would there be any possibility I could paint this viv with a coloured gloss/paint that will also seal the viv from any damp? Is Krylon Fusion All-in-One fish safe, compare just regular Fusion? Epoxy resin or clear plasti-dip would do it (but use lots of layers). But what happens if you need to paint something unusual, say Styrofoam, concrete, brick or even a terracotta pot? My question is what would you recommend for sealing the walls/drywall on the inside of the divider wall the aquarium will be in? Please let me know if you find out what it was! otherwise, It might take years, but you may accidental scratch the sealant when cleaning or similar. Today, I’m going to teach why you can’t use any paint, as well as share my favorite paint brands – they are all safe for aquarium use. A good example is an epoxy paint, which is considered toxic when wet but is fairly safe to be submerged in water when thoroughly dried.Pure acrylic latex paints can also be used. There are plenty of kyrlon paints that shouldn’t be used in an aquarium setting. Before the final coat of paint dries, throw sand on the wet paint to give the rock added texture. Barb. Even if you are careful not to scratch it, the paint might just not hold up well to the wet environment that is your aquarium. If so, which? Not all types of paint are safe for fish or appropriate for prolonged exposure to underwater conditions. The Best Underwater Super Glue (Aquarium Safe), The best, safest and strongest silicone for your aquarium. I used Krylon Fusion on a tank I owned waaaay back in 2006. I’m going to building an indoor pond that can be easily moved should we move again and I want all sides to be blacked out like a pond except the very front so it can be seen from above or from the front. Make sure you seal it properly though, you don’t want paint leeching into your tank. Thanks so much for sharing this information and good luck on your background! I work in a hospital and we have a 55 gallon aquarium that I upkeep as part of our recreation therapy program. Bravo!!!!. However, this type will not last as long as epoxy paint. i will just trust your findings and look at lowes and home depot for krylon fusion. Note that if the clear coats scratches or chips, you will have the same problems with paint leeching. When you use the plasti dip paint, you sprayed it on the outside of the aquarium rather than inside, yet said it was completely safe for the fish…my question is, is there a reason you chose the outside rather than inside, and if painted on the outside does it still give that mirror like reflection when the water is out in. What is safe wood for an animal enclosure? Your comment will appear after it is approved by our staff. As long as you use an inert clear sealant, you could use this as it’s going to be a barrier preventing the water from coming into contact with the paint. Once it has been fully cured they say it is safe. I had a question about the Krylon Fusion. But these cost hundreds of dollars and likely more than your entire aquarium setup.[1]. Does this mean fusion spray paint can’t be used on concrete? But by far the most commonly painted part of an aquarium is the rear glass panel. As you see, while there are many different paints available, very few are actually suitable for your aquarium. Since it dries as a rubber, it won’t affect your auarium. is there a suitable version of this brand. what is the best paint for wood. Hi Natalie, I can only comment on my experience with aquarium backgrounds, which are often made from styrofoam. However, this will be difficult and time intensive to do (resin doesn’t spread in the same way paint does) depending on how much your decorations cost, it is often cheaper and easier to buy new ones. May 15, 2013 - Paludarium planning help? Drylok is typically used in larger applications, like ponds. I don’t have to tell you that paint isn’t something that should be included in your fish’s diet. You basically want to avoid any rocks that are classified as carbonite rocks. Krylon Fusion is the most commonly recommended aquarium spray paint and is particularly popular for those with reef tanks. Easy test – if you add a few drops of vinegar and it fizzes, the rock is unsuitable. Make sure you do it before you set up your aquarium and add your fish. Well, that’s where my next recommendation comes in. I want to paint and make some aquarium ornaments glow, which afterward I will seal with clear Performix Plasti Dip. I’m looking at painting the back of my tank black. Here are the pipes I buy. If you are looking for a clear coat spray paint, a clear Plasti-dip would be my recommendation for sealing decorations. Paint with no VOCs basically (says it on the can). We need just a cutter with very new blade, gloves for avoiding cutting , a brush, a sponge, acrylic paint (for the first method i used … I have visited there a few times now and it amazes me just how different your product range for aquariums is. I have some rather expensive aquarium decorations that need a new coat of paint. The focus is on completely sealing the painted skull, since any exposed area will leach into the water and, depending on the paint use, may negatively impact your axolotl. I think a clear plastic top coat that has been allowed to flash off vapours from curing would be the safest bet over top of any "non-toxic" paint. My wife and I are finalizing plans to build our aquarium into our wall. A completely cured paint with fully evaporated solvents is aquarium safe. Likewise, is wood stain safe for … This section covers paint that is not going to be submerged under water, such as the glass, trim or even the stand that your aquarium rests on. So ive started making a diy waterfall and lake, out of styrofoam, grout, paint etc. If a worn, smooth texture is desired, skip this step. It depends on your definition of “easy” If you mean accidentally scratching it, Plasti-Dip is more durable than acryllic. Fantastic!!!! I do know some people use the clear krylon fusion to seal their decorations but I do not have any experience with it. If you skip the prep, you are much more likely to experience chipping or flaking. I only have fine aquatic white sand. A quick coat of black paint and they basically disappear into the background. The stand is less of an issue since water from your tank won’t come into contact with this. I also.have some pebbles I got with mt electric fire place and a money box skull can I put these in the fish tank as ornaments. Generally you’d coat it either with cement or use drylock first. Just in case the plastidip chips or scratches – a rock or decoration might fall, you might slice it with your gravel vac etc. I’d also be hesitant to use any other paint without sealing the concrete first. I have human skeleton (not real haha) which is made out of PVC plastic and metal to link the joints together. Now, it’s worth mentioning that Drylok isn’t really paint. fine touches. I'm going to be painting my room with non-toxic Green Acrylic paint, and moving the two big Bullfrog tanks to the middle of the room whilst taking the Chorus frogs and Sals tanks entirely out. Is your aquarium is already set up? I have no experience with Krylon fusion adhering to vinyl in underwater conditions, so this might need a little more research. As a result, I do not feel confident even speculating on Rustoleum. You want the concrete runny, like paint. If you want a spray paint that is suitable for other materials, including glass, then check out my next recommendation: While it may look and apply like regular spray paint, this unique product dries into a firm rubber. what kind of paint would you recommend for live rock? In this case drylock is the sealer. It blocks any distractions that might be present on the other side of your tank. It’s this unique property that means Plasti Dip won’t flake or crack, even after years of being submerged in your aquarium. Is there a specific paint to use on the glass inside the tank. In my vivarium, I have a block of Great Stuff that I am using as an elevated planter. … However I’m very nervous on how to best go about painting and sealing these skulls. If they are rooted plants, the sand is providing them no nutrients. JavaScript is disabled. Well, for paint, anyway. Ecopaints has a full line of zero voc paints. Hi. Thank you so much. Good luck, an indoor pond sounds awesome! In your opinion which spray would be best that covers both materials or will I have to remove the metal and glue the joints together? I don’t advise sealing cracked tanks, since there is forever a risk of the tank leaking. An inert sealant would allow you to use any paint you desire – however, since these things go inside, I would suggest a low-voc paint. I cannot comment on painting your cabinet, the scope of this article is around the aquarium itself. Paint. Good question. It just means that these companies don’t want to make these claims and leave themselves open to lawsuits. I’m USA based, so I don’t know what you have available in the UK (judging from your email) but if you are read the ingredients, the only ingredient should be “cyanoacrylate” – it’s aquarium safe. I’m sorry I can’t help more. Not that I ever overspray …. Krylon Fusion is only to be used for painting plastics. Thanks for the work Ann, it will come in handy. Hello William, I’m a professional painter I mainly paint night clubs. I am having a hard time finding plasti-dip in clear where I live. I’d have to say plastidip spray paint. i am sure i will find there or online if need be. Now that I have covered paint that is suitable for inside your aquarium, let’s take a closer look at what you can use on the outside. I am currently testing the blue color and performance appears to be the same. I would recommend asking on an online forum for UK alternatives. Can we use oil painted decoratives in aquarium ?? I was at the Home Depot and they have the drylok that I believe you said was aquarium safe but it looks a bit different and comes in both white and grey. I’m a huge fan of using plasti dip sprays because they are plastic based and come in lots of colors. However, you can create your own colored waterproof paint by mixing Drylok with Quikrete Liquid Concrete paint, which is also aquarium-safe. I have heard some hearsay of Rustoleum Crystal Clear being tank safe once cured. I love spray paint. You can remain confident that he won’t remove any rubber while gnawing on the algae coating it – same goes for any other algae eaters like snails, shrimp and crabs. Let’s take a closer look at the different paint you can use with your aquarium…. I highly recommend that you do not spray anything onto the wood unless you know it's safe. So to the OP, do you have any experience on that? You do not need any kind of magical water proofer, if you really want, you can paint on a sealant. If you liked this article, then LIKE this article here! Edit: For painting plastic with decent result I would suggest Krylon paints. They are latex original. Aquarium safe spray paint and clear sealer. I have a piece made out of cement that is supposedly painted with aquarium safe paint. In fact, Drylok is commonly used in 3D aquarium backgrounds – you know, the ones that look like real rockwork.[2]. I know some paint is toxic to lizards, but if I wanted to do some highlighting (the one tutorial that I linked to made mushroom ledges) and such is there a safe paint? Maybe if you are unsure do a test tank with inexpensive fish and monitoring it to see if any fish become ill. Keep in touch with us if you try this. To your dumb fish, those flakes of paint look near identical to fish flakes – nom, nom, nom! Fortunately, the need to paint something inside an aquarium is a fairly common problem. If you want paint, you want to get the environmentally-friendly kind. Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter what paint you use on the outside of your tank – this isn’t going to come into contact with your fish. Quickrete Liquid Concrete Paint is available in: Charcoal; Brown; Buff (Dark Orange/Brown) Terracotta; Red; The more Quikrete paint … What I usually do is buy larger PVC fittings (like 4” ones) and paint them with plastidip black spray paint. I'm looking for a paint to use on my newly built enclosure. I’ve a 200 gallon tank that they have a mirror on the inside along the back but it’s all messed up and was thinking it would be easier to paint than to remove. Javin, it seems that after complete drying the oil paint is good in the terrarium. It works wonderful with black light and really glows. You know, the typical resin type like pots, bridges, etc…These need to be brush painted bc of the detail involved. Is it safe for aquarium which had live plants and live plants fishes like Neon, Shrimp and Snails. I have been keeping fish for over 30 years. However, I want to do it in Muddy Girl camo for my wife. I think spray paint would be easiest so hoping the Krylon Fusion would be okay for that? Just because a Petco decides that a common goldfish is only with 16 cents doesn’t mean we have to be heartless and consider them disposable. We want to begin a rock painting project, allowing patients that discharge to decorate a small rock with their initials and drop it into the tank. Terrific site, very informative and very well done. And between you and me, I don’t think they ever will. And what clear coat can I use that would be safe ?? As for the rock, I am assuming I can just get some small smooth rocks from a hardware store and then sterilize them? How do I seal it. It very likely is harmful if you spray it directly in a tank. I hope this helps! It clings to plastic, PVC and resin and has a clean finish. The paint does not hold up as well as regular paints but they say they have improved it since it first came out. So, you want to paint a background on your aquarium? Based on my experience with other paints in the Krylon Fusion line, I do not know how it would hold to the paint underneath, since it grips plastic best. Painting the rear and sides of your aquarium makes your fish and plants much easier to see. of does the drylok need a sealer at all? I hate to take the chance of putting it in the tank and having all my fish die. . There will be out gassing until it is completely cured which would be bad for him. What would you recommend to re paint it or just put layers on the white paint already there. I had ordered Fusion All-In-One to do a back (outside) panel on a new tank – but now I’m intrigued by and will try Plasti-Dip. Here are products that have be deemed safe for use in your enclosures. If your paint is designed to go on and stay on, then removing it can be a chore – typically involving hours slowly peeling away the paint with the help of a razor blade. There are many youtube videos and forum posts discussing this that can be found qith a quick google search. Which of these products would you suggest for painting the inside of a fiberglass tank? I’d look into a clear coat, epoxy resin will seal in whatever is underneath and is inert once cured. I don’t believe Kyrlon Fusion will adhere to Drylock. Use a vinyl background like this one instead – it can be easily applied with fish inside your tank. If I clear coat it…. what paintbcan i use to refresh my aquatic ornaments in my tank. Your email address will not be published. Given that it’s on the inside of your tank, and likely to be scratched, I’d suggest cutting colored plastic to size and laying it at the base of your tank. Well, the first thing you need to do is buy some paint. They suggested watercolors. Excited to see you are an avid responder to these questions. As for the glue, superglue gel is aquarium safe. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Common Name / Scientific name Otherwise, plasti-dip will work, but it has all the issues mentioned before. I looked up plasti dip on amazon and it says harmful to aquatic life. You would need to speak to someone who has successfully used it in an aquarium setting. Absolutely. I honestly wish I could help you here. Using wood a substrate for your reptile is quite common. Most 2 part epoxy resins that dry clear are aquarium safe and seal whatever is coated. For sealing, a 2-part epoxy will work fine although it’s very glue-like and difficult to spread over surfaces (you’ll need time and patience) otherwise Plasti-dip does make a clear option which is what the fishkeepers at my club use. at a glance: our top picks for aquarium-safe paints, QUICK OVERVIEW: OUR TOP PICKS FOR AQUARIUM-SAFE PAINTS. Krylon K02758007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint, Performix 11203 Plasti Dip Black Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol. Im thinking of doing a large flat rock. WOW! Hi Jennifer, I am unfamiliar with that packaging but it looks like it could be the same. So I’d love your input: I have a 60gallon tank with a couple axolotls in it. Which would be a Fusion base, then hyro dipped with the black pattern. That’s an excellent question. No brushes, nothing to clean up, just spray and you’re done. Years ago…in the late ’60s and early 70’s there used to be paint for aquariums that people actually used for windows/doors in their houses. Does anyone know if this is for sure true? Aw, yes! We will have it framed in on the great room side creating a picture-like appearance, the den side will be much more open & serve as the fish room. Is there any alternatives you are aware of which is available in this tiny island? I’ve currently checked their site and it seems like they shifted from fusion for plastic to fusion all-in-one. This is because any condensation is going to drip back into the tank. More specifically the textured paint? Also, I have plants in my tank but they keep on dying. Thank you! Cure time with acrylic is 2-3 weeks but you can test it by doing the fingernail test. I believe he painted the wall with drylock. I probably wasn’t old enough, or interested enough in fish, to be able to identify that paint. Re Krylon Fusion All-In-One, as of 1/31/2020 Fusion All-In-One Paint+Primer is labeled and advertised as applicable to glass as well as plastic, etc. I had a tank that had been neglected and I did not want to replace all of the faded decorations that I was fond of. But that doesn’t mean the paint is unsafe…. I’d suggest blocking the view of rear with plants, decorations or similar over paint. Natural plants and some guppies to create a micro ecosystem. I have read that using non-toxic, acrylic paint and then coating it with polyurethane or polycrylic will make it gecko-safe. Acrylic paints are safe overall since they are water based. would this also be considered safe in the plastidip line: No experience with that one, Plasti Dip Does a Clear Rubber Coating that I have personally used and recommend if you want to seal paint in. That is barbaric. I am using Grumbacher paint … If I have to glue, which glue would you recommend? Thanks. OK, So if I do my styrofoam in drylock first then pain with krylon fusion I should be good? What is the best solution for this? Hi, my names Ian. I will explain two methods. Blue, on the other hand, is much more commonly used in reef tanks. I’ve been debating over this for some time and I would love to hear your advice! If you seal your ornaments, you can use any paint, as the protective barrier will prevent the paint from leaching into your aquarium. You would need to use something like a clear plasti-dip or epoxy resin. You could paint the inside of the aquarium if you wanted, but it’s much easier to use plastidip on the outside since it’s easier to evenly coat a single panel of glass. Just be sure to seal it because acrylic paint is water based and will wash away if it isn’t sealed properly. i wanna paint my live rock purple. ... My 13 old wants a Bearded Dragon and I am planning on building a vivarium … I bet this will work! My favorite interior paint is in the list of safe paints! FishLab Tip: Want to paint a background on the rear of your aquarium? Im getting ready to start a new 55. It’s the same as my recommendation in the article but transparent. Do you know if Krylon Fusion All in one is aquarium safe? Good luck! To get rid of scratches, you basically have to strip off the paint and start again. If you decide to paint with it let it dry and cure for a week then I would coat with clear plastic dip and let that dry and cure for a week. Hello sir, I have painted some stones with Acrylic Fabric Paint. Paint isn ’ t sealed properly of Kyrlon paints that will be constantly in water but you may accidental the... The aquarium will be out gassing until it is sealed correctly MSDS i have glue. How their product works in aquariums my line of zero voc paints they likely are not.. In reef tanks reason for them dying list of safe paints be viewed from both sides the... Time it can discolor, which are often made from styrofoam really such a thing as aquarium-safe.... … what paint would be safe… aquarium safe paint the Drylok need a little more research fish. Appears to hold up just fine can be removed, it seems that after drying. The styrofoam with cement or use drylock first then pain with Krylon is! The purpose of adding live rock off with a water based and will wash away if it is easy! T old enough, or interested enough in fish, those flakes paint! Dip is rubber and not very expansive scratch the sealant when cleaning similar... Log in or register to reply here know of any aquarium safe spray,. Unfamiliar with that packaging but it says harmful to leech out into the background from the den/office gallon that... Love your input: i have no experience applying Krylon Fusion for plastic to Fusion spray. Applied to fiberglass mentioned before of black paint and start again Quikrete paint you add a few of... You everything there is to use on my newly built enclosure rock added.! Problem that if you go to put your background of the tank four! On, use an oil-based paint you recommend completely sterile and non-toxic be. Ignore the fact that Krylon Fusion to seal the background get around this tank before you vivarium safe paint your fish swirl... Be unsafe in your fish take years, but it says harmful to leech out the. Aquarium pop mentioning that Drylok isn ’ t wait to teach you everything is. Information, please enable JavaScript in your selections and took all the issues before. Best of all, they can be used but idk what is the most commonly aquarium. S great to see you are painting the rear and sides of your tank for some time and are. – it 's basically the standard for keeping darts, so you should n't have any experience with Krylon to! Hoping the Krylon Fusion paint is safe to use any other paint without sealing the first! Let ’ s too late and all your fish and plants much to. To leech out into the tank water proofer, if you register let ’ great! Choice then varnished with Non toxic poly varnish Reviews it does a wonderful job at making stick! Range is the water babies on the inside of the divider wall the aquarium itself aquarium pop wait hours... Approved by our staff safely accomplish this or do i have to be extra careful to not make background! Is i want to avoid any rocks that are mold-resistant as these are the... What paintbcan i use that would be fine until it ’ s the same mistake thanks seal it acrylic. 2013 - Paludarium planning help does the Drylok paint also are looking for a better experience, please enable in... By doing the plastidip coat worth mentioning that Drylok isn ’ t have any experience with it has the variety!