It's then revealed that Shojoji's time in the spotlight isn't quite over, as the bandit leader is held captive by Ibiki and Sai, who intend to get information from him. Weekly Shonen Jump. The Boruto anime has long been criticized for its reliance on filler arcs in lieu of manga-based story, but all that is about to change very soon. Then he asks Boruto about canceling the plan. Then, the prisoner sings like a canary. Desperate to save himself, Kokuri punched himself and blamed it on Shojoji, getting him sent to … We expect the first two months to focus on Mujina Bandits, while the last month should probably get things finished with this arc. The new arc is called the Mujina Bandits arc. It was announced during Jump Festa 2020 that the new arc, based off the Mujina Bandits arc from the manga series of the same name, will be starting in January. It will be interesting to see how Team 7 protects Tentou in this new arc. The series will adopt the Mujina Bandits arc from the manga. Mujina Bandits Arc. In the manga, the pair work together to solve the nation's problems, as they are currently slated to do in the anime. The manga arc follows two stories that ultimately intersect. The Bandits are a group of missing-nin, or ninja, who have forsaken their home village, similar to the Akatsuki from the original Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden series. This surprises Shojoji, who thinks Boruto is part of "a certain organization." As reported at Jump Festa '20, the Boruto anime will adapt the Mujina Bandits arc from the manga starting in late January. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Kawaki in the new Opening in April 🤔? Untuk mengawali kisah tersebut, mereka secara resmi merilis synopsis yang menjelaskan kisah Mujina Bandit nantinya. Weekly Shōnen Jump #38, 2017. Credits. Summary:-Jaune Arc never arrived at Beacon, instead he had attended at combat school until he wound up abandoned in the middle of a jungle in Anima near Mistral Kingdom. This pit stop ultimately reveals a shocking bit of news. The official description of the Mujina Arc is as follows: “Houzuki Castle is a penitentiary that is difficult to break out of and is currently being managed by Kusagakure Village. Today we are back to my regular scheduled videos with the new review of Boruto episode 141. Like fellow Boruto: Naruto Next Generations villains Shojoji and Tanuki Shigaraki, the name of the Mujina Bandits is a reference to shapeshifting yokai from Japanese folklore: the mujina, or "badger". Boruto, however, … The manga series is written by Ukyo Kodachi, illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto, and supervised by Masashi Kishimoto. The Supporting Shadow!! Volume. However, as what chapter 12 has revealed, the Mujina is more than just a … Arc Mujina Bandits đã kết thúc với phiên bản hay nhất của mình vì có thêm tài liệu nhÆ° phần mở đầu của Lâu đài Hozuki, và có lẽ cÅ©ng không ngoại lệ với arc tiếp theo, “Kara Actinating” sẽ diễn ra theo cùng một cách tÆ°Æ¡ng tá»±. The manga was serialized on May 9, 2016, following the incredible success of its predecessor, Naruto and Naruto … Eventually, the nefarious Shojoji rears his ugly head by dressing as his father's assistant and kidnapping Tento. i said it. is the 15th chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next … Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Mujina Bandits Arc” will begin in late January 2020. First, Konohamaru assigns Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki a mission, which ultimately leads the trio to an in-progress bank robbery taking place in the Hidden Leaf Village. (in general) but i still wanted a better fight... cough sasuke doing a WWE move on urashiki cough. In the anime, it is preceded by the Time Slip Arc and is followed by the Kara Actuation Arc. After Sarada pulls an Ultra-Rare Orochimaru card, Mitsuki confesses that the palest member of the Legendary Sannin is his "father." He arrives at Nakayoshi Manufacturing facility where Shojyoji has kept Tentou. ¨ ムジナごうとうだんへん, Mujina Gōtōdan-hen) is an arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Credits. Publication. But that's about to change. The Bandits are a group of missing-nin, or ninja, who have forsaken their home village, similar to the Akatsuki from the original Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden series. It spans from volumes 3 to 4 and covers chapters 11 to 15 of the Boruto manga and episodes 141 to 151 of the Boruto anime. In the anime, while still in prison, he ran into Kokuri a deserter of the Mujina Bandits. With a short arc spanning over three chapters, it is likely that it'll be wrapped up in 5-6 chapters. Boruto anime will finally start following the Manga in 2020, starting sometime in February or early March. Shojoji was hyped up (S-Rank criminal, can shapeshift into other people's bodies and use their abilities, looked pretty cool in that one panel with Shikamaru) but sidelined after a short battle against a bunch of kids. Boruto confesses his ignorance of the source of the mark, but before Shojoji can attack, he is thwarted by Boruto's teammates Sarada and Mitsuki. Two days ago,'Boruto's writer Ukyou Kodachi took to Twitter to tease the upcoming series. This arc immediately follows the Momoshiki arc in the Boruto manga and by adopting it the series will continue the manga canon from where it left off … if the mujina fight tomorrow is superior i take this back. The Mujina Bandits are a thieving group who make their livelihoods by stealing across many nations - Even the complete overview of that organization and its boss were a mystery. In the manga, it is preceded by the Versus Momoshiki Arc and is followed by the Ao Arc. Boruto is then assigned to be a bodyguard for Tento, the heir to the Land of Fire (where the Hidden Leaf Village resides) and son to the current daimyo, Ikkyu Madoka. Discussion. The Boruto anime has often been accused of relying on filler over adapting storylines from the manga. t 8 ~~~26290 May 2003 Xdi 1The Private Sector in -Development Entrepreneurship, 4. . Akhirnya, kita akan mempelajari “Arc Bandit Mujina”. However, over time both Boruto and the reader ultimately warm up to the young heir. I personally enjoyed the time travel arc more than the mujina bandits arc. The ending of the Mujina bandits arc is April 5th 2020, same day we get the new Opening for boruto. Briefly introduced in an earlier chapter, the Mujina Bandits are a group of rogue ninjas with nothing but ill intentions for the Country of Fire. 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About Boruto: Naruto Next … The 7-episode manga arc created to flesh out the upcoming Mujina Bandits finally came to an end this week in Boruto. Creator/Supervisor. Boruto even mentions his desire to "beat [Tento] up." Madoka serves as the political face of the Land of Fire (like the Queen of England), but lacks the militaristic might of the Kage (like Boruto's dad, Naruto), who utilize ninjutsu to protect their villages. ? KEEP READING: 5 Reasons Why Kara Is Better Than Akatsuki (& 5 It Is Worse). !, ChÄ«muwāku…!!) The foursome head to safety and celebrate their victory with a trip to purchase more ninja trading cards. Thus why the Mujina Bandits arc was expanded from an evil ninja bandit who eats peoples heads whole to transform into them, to include a Prison Break arc where Bolt, Salad, and Mitsuki go undercover to rescue a traitor to said gang And ends with a Sudden Downer Ending where said bandit eats the guy they were trying to help.