Pilot Juice (removed from plastic retractable pen), Pilot LP2RF Gel Refill (Juice refill code), Zebra Sarasa Clip refill (removed from plastic retractable pen), http://www.cultpens.com/i/q/PF14515/parafernalia-needlepoint-ballpoint-pen-refill, Pen kits that take a "uni ball signo 207" or something very similar? I have some old Kohinoor Nexus Art Pens – the rollerball type. SM16234-BK-1 In stock . The Lamy refill is supposedly a proprietary refill. Interesting idea… but I also have a cool tool that might make this easier for you that I’ll be featuring soon! It’s not the Parker refills specifically but will give you an option to start with. Monteverde Poquito. The ink flow starts instantly even after longer pause of writing. I’ll try to remedy that at some point. Problem is they run out quickly and I’m really not a fan of roller ball pens. Sometimes it works, sometimes I make a mess. Rollerball refills are a vexation unto man. Any advice on how to hack this without damaging the vintage pen? I bought a Jetsream multi and the inks are terrible. A medium refill came with the Parker Rollerball. However I wanted a finer tip than the Easyflow medium and the p900 just doesn't seem write as smooth So far I've seen them in .7 mm and .5mm. Without knowing what specific pen you have, that’s the best I can do. You’re right to fear that other Parker style refills might not fit properly. The 900 (our Item B4617) is available in black, blue or green ink; a medium or broad point. Steve, I think its the same refill in both models. what is cheap that works??? Or cut and use the spacer? They have blue-black color too. Anyone know if there are any gel refills that would fit a pen that came with a Pilot RFJSGP cartridge? There are so many potential options for a “Parker-style” refill (which annoyingly enough is also referred to as a G2 though it is not necessarily compatible with a PILOT G2 style pen). Gel Ink Refills. I cover them with tape, springs and anything else I can find to bulk them up. This was just one of my many experiments. I’m working on a handy printable pocket guide of all these pen refill options but I want to make sure I haven’t left anything out or gotten anything wrong. I did not wanting to pay a premium for the Sheaffer refill, so I tried a spare Parker style G2 standard refill [Schmdit]. In some cases, Parker-style refills are a bit too long to fit in the 849 because of the fins on the end. No, I didn’t. D1 REFILLS for the E My favorite! I note that you tried many refills from The Pen Place – a shop I love. I love this pen but I’m not a big ballpoint fan. The zebra style of refils seem to be a family all of their own… I’m keen to get the F701 all metal zebra, but I hear their ink is inferior to many other pens. Where can I find an extra fine blue refill for my Parker ball pen? SCHMIDT Technology, the specialist in writing technology, presented a completely new class of writing instruments. Now, this is where the Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 comes in. In other blog, it is written that parker type refill is good to use for Caran d’Ache ballpoint, but not all parer type refills. I often hack refills out of my Pilot Juice, Energel Needletip and other super fine pens and then retro fit them to go into things like Karas Kustoms Render Ks, Retro 51s and Fisher Space Pens for the same reason you’re looking for an alternative refill for the Cross. It should untwist so that you can remove the refill. Have you heard anything about a good alternative for a Lamy Safari rollerball refill? So how do you get the Karas Kustoms retrakts to hold refills like Energel, Jetstream, Signo? Does anyone know of a refill that will fit and work in the pen, or that can be”modified”? I have a Safari rollerball. (Side note: I know these are valuable from what I see people selling them for on the internet, but I am not interested in selling them as they were a family member’s who passed away.) They also churn through ink quickly so most people end up needing to purchase them in quantities but I find its the best of both worlds — fine lines in a pen that only accepts a D1. If you see the photos in the guide up top, the Pilot G2 refills are the bottom two refills above the G2 listing. Low and behold it worked, though the refill was slightly more exposed at the tip and thus looked esthetically incorrect. The Best Low-Viscosity Ballpoint Pens. Thanks. I guess my budget is