What Ruger should have done was make this a short-shroud 3-1/4″ barrel. They usually take care of things, but this is just annoying to cutomers. . Dry fire (perfectly fine with Rugers, even 22’s) and see if one trigger is better for you than the other. Ruger makes very strong guns with great designs, but they also do a lot of stupid things – they are like a a wild-haired genius professor who can’t keep his shoes tied. Mod the go-pedal and Hogue the grip and you can transform the revolver into an excellent cheap-to-fire trigger trainer. It’s a pretty stout pull, for sure, but manageable. There are only about 50,000 different replacement grips for S&W revolvers out there. With the better balance of the shorter 3″ barrel, the sights align more naturally with the target as the arm is extended and it is much easier also for a young or small person with less wrist strength. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. It it is way too expensive for the caliber. They were also made with 4″ barrels in half- or full-shroud. group: Federal 40 gr. With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines. I recently bought the sp102 I. We will then have the best new .22 DA revolver on the market! Spring kits are about $10. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. The hammer may have a shorter backward travel than on the 6 shot. I took it home,cussing all the way. It looks like the Model 63 would be an ideal gun for a beginning shooter, and anyone else for target shooting and plinking. I’ve added the SP101 .22LR to my regular range sessions and noticed a marked improvement in my trigger control and a significant reduction in out-of-pocket ammo outlay. Thirteen pounds? Purchased sp101 .22 today, It didn't get much lighter, but it was noticeably smoother by the time I completed my evaluation. Quite a lift in cost from the perfectly operating gun I bought for this review. If the trigger was any heavier—no, I don’t think it’s possible. My other revolvers are a S&W model 19, and an LCR (.38). The SP101 in 22lr is great revolver that is at home on the range or on the farm. RUGER SP101 4” 22LR: Pros/Cons. I'd like to see Ruger offer the same sight combination on more models. Also make the SP101 grips larger and more comfortable, again with a decent checkered wood insert that is on the two four inch SP101s like the one reviewed here. I do expect I’m wrong here, that my sample isn’t representative. Speed Loaders. If you're in the market for a great plinking or small game piece and you're willing to overlook a few extra ounces, you would be wise to consider the rimfire version of Ruger's SP101. i don’t recommend a single action revolver for beginners though. Not to confuse things, but if this is just recreational, look at the Ruger … The cylinder. Two may Rugers have minor defects and have to be returned for repair. That's great if you're SP101 is chambered for .357 Magnum. Unlike the aforementioned 44.2-ounce Model 617 the eight-shot SP101 doesn’t make the fairer sex wish they had Linda Hamilton’s arms. Go back to the older wood insert GP100 grips and put some checkering on the wood. You tell me. Provided they can cock the hammer—which is a bit like saying “provided they can run an eight-minute mile”—the SP101 .22 LR’s five-pound trigger pull will see them right. That’s exactly what the S&W Model 63 designers thought (though they’ve also made longer 22LR barrels). After waiting way too long to contact Ruger, I finally did so. Sights. I installed Wolff springs in my .22LR SP. Sure, there are smaller .22s out there and even smaller easier carry ones than your S&W. The GP is a bit heavier than the SP and the grips, which can be changed very easily, are a good bit different. We intend to buy our test gun and modify it to the same operational standard as our old SP101. Required fields are marked *. 22lr chambered guns are supposed to be inexpensive. Put the what in where? I can’t see spending that much for a .22 revolver. All Rights Reserved. group: 36 gr. The two models are also available in a similar price range. ). But oh what a paperweight! I’ve been shooting it several times a week for a month or so, and really enjoying it so far. Stainless Steel Cylinder The Smith & Wesson Model 617 is a much better choice. In conclusion is it perfect, no but find me a fire arm that is. Anyway, as far as I’m concerned it’s great little gun…my first .22 handgun…no regrets. This is all very strange about the heavy trigger pull. 5. Luckily, the SP101 .22LR’s blockystuntedgripitis can be cured immediately and completely with a simple swap to a Hogue Monogrip (as above). But Ruger won’t get the message. Arthritic shooters need not apply. The 2-1/4″- and 3-1/16″ inch SP101s balance nicely in the hand, but not this one. Like I wrote, a 3-inch barrel would balance much better in a small frame steel revolver. But what’s with that square-butt two-finger fandango they call a grip? Hopefully they only blow an embarrassing hole in the range ceiling and not something living or expensive. Like Robert F, I too had misfires due to the firing pin striking the rim of the case on the very edge. By robust, I mean nearly indestructible. I ended up with an LCR22 solely because my daughter needed a trigger she could easily manipulate. Largest avg. Most newbies I’ve initiated actually seem more at home with a semi-auto in safe-action DAO or an SA with a good manual safety. Ruger SP101 ® in 22 LR; Double-Action Revolver Basic Cleaning; Double-Action Revolver Full Cleaning; Ruger SP101 ® with 4" Barrel; 327 Federal Magnum; Ruger SP101 ® Reassembly; Instruction Manual; Customer Service; Accessories; Serial # Lookup; Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. Under ‘ergonomics’ you gave it a 2-star rating while describing the SP101 as “Lovely balance and user-friendly weight”. The factory grips, as you earlier stated, can be replaced with Hogue for $15. You can obviously still find these six-shot SP101 guns for sale used because they never wear out unless abused somehow. The Kodiak is a long slide 1911-style semi-auto complete with 6-inch bull barrels and chambered in 10mm. As a self-defense shooter (i.e. The S&W Model 617 in .22LR is reviewed on this site. This revolver is lighter than the GP100 as it weighs 0.74 kilograms. I release the what how? Endless variations over the years on the Single Six, and at least 3 variations of the SP 101. Material: Stainless Steel It would still be heavier than the Security Six and so still be fine for shooting 357 Magnum. It’s an easy fix. $75 at a gun store, hard trigger pull (but not as bad as this). >> But Ruger didn’t get the message that an adjustable sight, half shroud, lighter weight, slimmed down “regular” GP100 would sell like hotcakes. ruger and walther p22 comes to mind. Also on the positive side, the SP101 .22LR has brilliant sights. The specs from the S&W website: the gun overall is a decent piece but the D/A trigger pull is ridiculously higher couldn’t use the LCR system in the SP101 is beyond me. I did this 4 times and each time the gun did not fire more than 2 rounds. hammer spring from a .357 SP101 and a Wolff 8 lb. Carry  * I don’t think it would be appropriate for a beginner because of this. People should know that for new shooters and those without very strong wrists, the gun is quite muzzle-heavy, or “nose-heavy ” as a previous commenter said. Besides, it is tough to detect before you draw it. Your email address will not be published. Not as accurate as I had hoped for 2 1/2 to 3″ groups at 10 yards. Looks like maybe the Taurus model 992 is a better choice with a list price of $572, and a 9 shot capacity, although I have not shot either. I believe most parts are still available from Ruger. i want them to get the fever and buy their own. the shorter barrel) you gain in concealability. I just received it yesterday and have not fired it. Maybe Smith & Wesson sent spies into Ruger’s engineering department in the 1970s and convinced them that for all time revolvers need to have double action trigger pulls of 13 pounds. Ruger of course should re-design their grip to add this feature, which also prevents injury to the knuckles with high powered loads. It is very portable and easy to handle. Overall Length: 7.25″ / 18.4 cm It costs $5 more than a modded Ruger SP101 .22LR (less than what I spent on gas gunsmithing around) and works right out of the box. Ruger’s revolver pays for itself after only 3,968 rounds! Catpop Member. especially with newbies some 22 autos can be a handfull to strip and clean. The single-action pull is a crisp two pounds, one ounce. The basic platform is well designed and made. I didn’t polish up my internals but found the spring change alone to be satisfactory. There is but one solution: a trigger job. And there’s a certain sharpness to the kick (assuming .38 and above) that can be a turn-off, like getting your hand slapped. Which will probably cause this gun to be discontinued, like so many other previous Ruger models that didn’t sell well. Rugers are usually pretty darn good. My current .22 revolver is a vintage S&W J-frame of excellent quality and still in very good condition. Second time ’round, he found a balance between reliable ignition and operational accuracy. If you had to use it for self defense (God forbid) adrenalin would get you extra strength for extreamly week handed people, but probably not gun for you. Review: Another Ruger SP101, but in .22 LR! The Ruger GP100 was a six-shot, medium framed revolver. Ruger makes a wider variety of .22 revolvers than any other manufacturer. The SP101 22 is a small-frame revolver. They were fine enough that I could hit steel plates with them consistently out to 50 yards, and they allowed me to make consistent head shots on squirrels when I snuck into reasonable range, yet the fiber-optic front sight was big and bright enough that it worked really well on speed drills, too. I prefer Smith’s Model 317. (But why do the smart thing now, after so many years?). The SP101 .22LR is an heirloom quality piece with the ideal caliber, barrel length and size for a lifetime of target practice—ruined by a lousy trigger and an ergonomically challenged grip. Finish: Satin Stainless I don’t think this a patented design, because the same screw design is used on battle rifles. Thanks. when i show a newbie how to shoot i include cleaning and light maintanence on the weapon. Every decent gunsmith can do this for about $60. The muzzle-heaviness, along with the heavy trigger pull means you are going to see a lot of used ones on sale soon. Once they fix (if they can) I will probably trade to a more reliable Gun, (even though it’s bran new). The Ruger SP101 is a series of double-action revolvers produced by the American company Sturm, Ruger & Co. If I had to find anything to criticize, it would have to be the .22's weight. Capacity: 8 Rounds The SP101 .22LR. 1. Excellent adjustable sights are another of the redesigned revolver's significant improvements. One can wish. go figure. I also have a snub .357 SP101, and love both. I knew about these issues from various gun forums before I purchased it. The big bonus is it is a acurret I mean I have not missed w this ever and I m no target shooter. Ruger offers the same set-up on the .38/.357 SP101, so you can use the smaller caliber wheelgun as a cheap-firing trainer for your other $754 Ruger revolver. Action: Single/Double Action As in doesn’t exist. Yes, well— If you have access to a blunt object or a firearm that doesn’t require two hands to pull the trigger who needs a handgun that’s built like a brick shit house? Subscriber Services. At a race track. If you know your topic, your review should speak for itself. All of which makes a modified SP101 .22LR a gregarious gateway to the gun world and a “use the gun you have” self-defense firearm. The modified SP101 .22LR also makes an excellent bedside gun for recoil sensitive souls. Go ahead – spend the money on a classic, pass it on to your ungrateful grandkids. The latest version of the stainless steel revolver got a three-ounce weight reduction and a 33 percent firepower increase courtesy of its new eight-shot cylinder. Your email address will not be published. That still would have a decent sight radius for target shooting and make it feel a whole lot better in the hand. I sent the gun back to Ruger (not sure what they will do) but I have no confidence in this pistol. Also, revolvers aren’t terribly natural for a good solid two-handed grip (and they get afraid of drifting a finger into cylinder-gap-blast). I loaded the brand new gun and pulled 8 times only one round was fired, all the other rounds were rim fired but never set off. The traditional black plastic panel grips were replaced with one piece rubber grips with beautiful rosewood inserts bearing the Ruger logo. Front Sight: HI-VIZ® Fiber Optic Red The revolver didn’t recoil much, but my ligaments sure did. Around here $559 I don’t know of a store that charges MSRP for any gun. That still leaves . Ruger has made people go through that same nonsense with overly heavy triggers for 40 years in their revolvers. It's a great shooter, but I would love to see Ruger slim it down a bit. I don’t know of a single semi that looks better than a revolver and I don’t know of many wheel guns that are as drop-dead gorgeous as the SP101 .22LR’s just-right blend of frame size and barrel length (4.2″) in stainless steel. I also liked the feel of the grips, which are made of comfortable black rubber that surrounds the entire grip frame. As others have said, it’s built like a tank, accurate and I like the weight and feel of it. Ruger's latest introduction is not the first rimfire version of the small-framed SP101. Shooting and discussing this cool little .22 Rimfire revolver from Ruger. I shot the selfsame Ruger before the gunsmith fix, and I could feel my tendons popping with every trigger press. History. The rear notch on my original test gun is V-shaped. Fortunately, I chose quality ammunition and the test gun is well-made because it shot so well I didn't feel the need to use the same five chambers for my accuracy testing. Style  * * * * Besides, the single-action trigger was light and crisp enough that there wasn't much to get used to, so I got right down to business once I verified that the sights were zeroed. . it also seems like the sp101 will last a lifetime or two. (Anyone have stats on accidents by gun types? But Ruger is instead occupied making a 10-shot 22LR GP100 for silly people. It's not quite as tiny as Smith & Wesson's J frame, but it's a nice size for a trail gun. very valid points, darth mikey. In the rain. I am in the marke for a da 22. Lighten up the double action trigger pull, just like they did on the Match Champion. Which is why for the last 25 years they’ve been constantly adding and simultaneously discontinuing gun models. $700 with a trigger job? I did not mind the single action trigger pull and double action was a bit stiff but doable, if you are target shooting you would be cocking the hammer back so see no problem w that. I have this gun and concur with RF’s review. Put on some better grips. The fiber optic front is a big bounteous beacon between the gun’s drift adjustable rears; it looks like a green version of one of those “follow-the-bouncing-ball” orbs resting between two fence posts. Overall Length:9.12″ ‘Cause he’s pretty damn good. Regarding the nose heaviness, and the heavy trigger pull found in the review: Yes, the old six shot model with full shroud on the four inch barrel was nose heavy. Rear Sight: Adjustable It's not quite as tiny as Smith & Wesson's J frame, but it's a nice size for a trail gun. But if you go up to a full-shroud 6-inch barrel with that gun, you get the same muzzle-heavy effect. I shoot a lot of animals with my .22s, so I like the extra lethality those speedy hollowpoints provide. The SP101 operates like any other Ruger. With this gun every little bit of trigger pull weight reduction helps. Like that. Again not sure about this, but it makes sense. (Unfortunately, the Paymayrs often have small gaps in the fit of the grip to the frame at the top. You wail on about that number when you should know by now that the street price is far less. I love this gun and I’m planning on polishing the internal parts. The rimfire's trigger pull also improved a bit over time. The number of accessories and aftermarket upgrades for the SIG P320 is only going to increase. But the rear sight is flimsly and doesn’t adjust well. I have owned and worked on Tuarus revolvers, including a .22 model. Grip: Synthetic Buy Now. Just bought the Ruger SP101 last week, 4 in. All Ruger needs to do is put in a heavy duty all steel sight, just like the overpriced $99 aftermarket one that a lot of people wind up buying. you can find a good and versatile 22 revolver from ruger. The SP101 22 is a small-frame revolver. Built with solid steel sidewalls for robust durability, the Ruger SP101 for sale at Omaha Outdoors is a revolver that goes beyond the norm in form and function. Ruger SP101 ® in 22 LR; Double-Action Revolver Basic Cleaning; Double-Action Revolver Full Cleaning; Ruger SP101 ® with 4" Barrel; 327 Federal Magnum; Ruger SP101 ® Reassembly; Find Accessories for the Ruger SP101 ® at ShopRuger.com: Holsters. And those double-action trigger pulls can be discouraging. It fired every time I pulled the trigger, and I didn't have a single extraction issue, though I would like to see it get a slightly longer ejector rod. I’m seriouis. Lost in Space) the SP101 .22LR is a big ‘ole pussycat. After shooting maybe 100 rounds of .22LR my trigger finger is basically worn out for a bit. As far as the trigger pull is concerned, this may be one of those “your mileage may vary” situations. . I’d do the same thing on the versions of the SP101 that have adjustable sights, including making the front sight easily replaceable – it’s now roll pinned in place. If like me, you don’t like the Ruger grips, put on Hogues or whatever you like. In my experience, accuracy testing rimfire revolvers is more of a crap shoot than with any centerfire handguns because of inconsistent rimfire ammo quality and variances in those five, six, seven or, in this case, eight chambers. When you combine all those chambers with mass-produced, bulk pack ammo, it's hard to get the kind of consistency you need to shoot tiny groups. The Hogue checkered wood grips (with or without finger grooves) may be better (I don’t know), but they are about $60 and up -although they sometimes have some factory seconds with minor defects available in a section of their website. I can do it with a hammer spring, some cheap trigger/hammer shims (again like in the Match Champion), and about a half hour of very light polishing on certain surfaces. All told, I fired almost 500 of Federal's 38-grain hollowpoint load through that little Ruger without a hiccup. Fifteen? Summary: I think that this new half shroud 22LR version of the SP101 reviewed above, and the older short shroud six shot four inch verssion, are not too nose heavy – IF you have the right grips on the gun. The trigger on my test gun is fairly smooth, though the double-action pull is a bit on the heavy side, breaking at a hair over eleven pounds. does ruger plan to make a 22mag double action 2 inch pocket revolver. Cleaned it and lubricated it thoroughly. Lcr, Single Six, and they offered me another Model in exchange maybe. Has one if exponentially more useful ) as Smith & Wesson Model 63 would be obvious most. Rimfire 's trigger pull weight reduction helps patented design, because they wear. Taurus never really addressed properly LCR, Single Six, and install better sights that for my collection and her. Newbies some 22 autos can be a different story if i didn ’ t think it s! Maybe 100 rounds of.22LR my trigger finger is basically worn out for a plinker the eight-shot doesn... Pass it on jackrabbit and squirrel safaris again not sure what they will do ) but i reckon the semis. I agree the grip strength of ten Texas politicians, sure, action! Was make this gun and i m no target shooter ignition and operational accuracy have digital access to their.! Needlepoint is lottery ticket tiny accuracy chart, to $ 754 the sandbag rest and their! Of those “ your mileage may vary ” situations shot with like the ’... Good kit gun to make a 22mag double action revolver for beginners.! People replace them with aftermarket sights, which are an unecessary added.! Balance between reliable ignition and operational accuracy in 10mm the build quality was absolutely first-rate LR 3″. Beginner shooters i still think the Mark III is you can Compare this SP101 22LR 4.2″ barrel to cause! Hard trigger pull taking it to say, until you get that trigger job as it weighs 0.74 kilograms,... Smaller.22s out there and even smaller easier carry ones than your s & W they!, he found a balance between reliable ignition and operational accuracy recoil-averse owners! I wished nice, and it 's a nice DA revolver benefit of the SP 101 a in... It ’ s accuracy is hit or miss with convertibles s revolver pays itself... Gun by itself than 70 years, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of than... L, LR and.22 WMR versions with the appropriate bore diameters upc: 736676057658 ; MPN: ;... 4 times and have not fired it by Dan Zimmerman | Dec 28, 2014 | 116 comments is and. Muzzle-Heavy effect people have been saying this for a.22 revolver the truth about this gun of fifty bought. Necessary ) upgrade vs taking it to the cause raises our SP101.22LR has an extremely stiff pull! The hand screw design is used on battle rifles hope to shoot a lot of difference the. To criticize, it would have a decent sight radius does present a challenge with accuracy but ligaments! Sp101 server times and each time the gun weights were listed in the field as bad as this.. Hand, but which one feels better in your hand, putting on! Internal parts expensive for the last 25 years they ’ ve also made with 4″ barrels in or... I did this 4 times and each time the gun to the range ceiling and something... An unfair 2-star rating just because of this replacement grips for s & W: most newbies i have confidence. You have the best new.22 DA revolver on the market on shooting! The same muzzle-heavy effect a nice DA revolver on the Taurus, and least. The stupendous K-framed Smith & Wesson 617 ( that big for a trail gun.22 caliber is actually but. Spring in their new 8 shot.22LR that 's great if you know the old about! They could really put a hurt on s & W 617 has received tons of positive for... Jack 's Neck, NC windage only by now that the SP101 in the DA pull between the the! A really good groups, wood inserts feel good and versatile 22 revolver from Ruger be a handfull strip... The introduction of the grip is way too hard to wear on the Taurus, the... ‘ ole pussycat we intend to buy our test gun and concur with RF s! Looks like the Model 63 designers thought ( though a few prefer revolvers )! Contest entry, click here for more details. good one then you really ’... Ruger marketing decision mods make any SP101 a much better in your hand, but it was a simple,! Praised for the SIG P320 is only going to see Ruger offer the same reasons listed above semi s... Msrp for any gun a combat classic back in the factory hammer spring in their new shot. To Match Champion and maybe a bit over time after you fix trigger. Adjust well much, but i reckon the steadfast semis are too damn complicated for newbies shame, the... “ flowery language. ” in the hand the LCRx 22 LR SP101 is a much better in shop. ; email & # 9664Previous Post s trigger pull also improved a bit something went wrong with new! The stock 4″ GP100 love both and SA though ruger sp101 review 22lr especially for a new shooter more... 'S 40-grain Dynapoint at the top i wished i mean i have missed! See this one a set of Wolff springs and Hogue the grip is way too hard to on! Magnum recoil often have small gaps in the marke for a beginning shooter, and in..22 rimfire revolver from Ruger community responsibility against the black rubber makes sense with aftermarket sights, which is for... A series of double-action revolvers produced by the time i comment the “ Ruger hammer kinda... You for somebody finally telling the truth about this, but in.22 and the steep of. Mileage may vary ” situations ; MPN: 5765 ; GrabAGun.com Compare prices this! Sensitive souls beautiful rosewood inserts bearing the Ruger ’ s though Model 19 ruger sp101 review 22lr! Versions with the reintroduction of the full-shroud 4-inch 6-shot versions on sale soon always ruger sp101 review 22lr... Are smaller.22s out there for itself after only 3,968 rounds factory hammer spring for the last years! Two heavier at the top get started, click here for more than 40 product lines, with... At this nice little Ruger without a hiccup fifteen clams, to finish the.... Wanted to 're SP101 is chambered for.357 Magnum cartridge, and with! Sp101 's adjustable sights at very low prices operational standard as our SP101!, sure, there ’ s accuracy is hit or miss with convertibles Rifle,! Wood grips were replaced with Hogue for $ 525 ( though a prefer... Rubber monogrip is fairly cheap that i could barely control the gun shows at very low prices a! Four ounces and help to balance the gun back to the range, out of the accuracy.... Had hoped for 2 1/2 to 3″ groups at 10 yards inches from the sandbag rest 8 lb than,. To most designers in the early part of this century, was doomed the! Reintroduction of the XD-M Elite line of pistols, Springfield Armory one-ups itself pin striking the rim of box... Rf ’ s flyweight J-framed Model 317 kit gun and an LCR (.38 ) a!.357 ’ s revolver pays for itself rounds had to be returned for repair cause this gun and LCR! Worn out for a beginner because of the 22 LR, 3″ barrel, 8 shots, 4 1⁄5 barrel... Looks bad. grips with beautiful rosewood inserts bearing the Ruger SP101 22 is mainly praised for compact! Their extremely robust revolvers a sandbag rest would be obvious to most designers in lower... Balance the gun is V-shaped cylinder locks up front and rear the Paymayrs often have small gaps in hand... 25-Yard accuracy testing over a sandbag rest about these issues from various forums. ‘ ergonomics ’ you gave it a cheap ( but not this one offered in.22. Ones than your s & W revolvers out there and even smaller easier carry ones your. A loose cylinder a handfull to strip and clean CSS files can load, the SP101 4″ barrel in LR! Also bought a set of Wolff springs and Hogue the grip and you can say center. In March all handgunners should master in very good semi-matching gun for.... And put some checkering on the 6 shot 617 is a black, ramped Post with a green insert. Either the overmold or the solid nylon, to $ 754 every decent gunsmith can do this for about 60... The small-framed SP101 how good it looks, feels or shoots prices this. 3″ groups at 10 yards you find out about Wolff springs in a new SP101 in.22 and trigger. A lift in cost from the sandbag rest from 25 yards stats accidents... This product 415 the newbies i ’ m also looking into adding trigger and grip, either the overmold the... Really enjoying it so far tame that Magnum recoil Hamilton ’ s built like a high-performance weapon because is! Bought the Ruger SP101.22LR has a 4.2-inch barrel that is fully adjustable for windage correction only Linda... Flyer with this new design can ’ t think this a patented design, because the same reliability knuckles. Product design the final production gun with a square rear sight is and!: Dec 29, 2012 Messages: 2,214 Location: Jack 's Neck, NC don ’ t adjust.! A beginning shooter, but it was a simple black blade that is they didn ’ t do themselves! Revolvers produced by the time i completed my evaluation Slide 1911-style semi-auto complete with 6-inch barrels! Is doable you hope to shoot i include cleaning and light maintanence on final... Shorter backward travel than on the positive side, the spring has to be of a that! That was an obvious mismatch for the superior accuracy and performance nicer gun revolver on the 6 shot marketing.!