Check under "General Specifications" for an estimated cost to build the home, which will include the cost of labor, brick, plaster, cement and other items not provided by Montgomery Ward. Shows prices in shillings and pence for various food items; articles of clothing for men, women, boys and girls; fuel for heating and cooking; soap, tobacco and cigarettes. if ( 'querySelector' in document && 'addEventListener' in window ) { Men: Virginia: Norfolk and Richmond See, There is much information in this 522-page report, especially about working conditions. Kentucky: Louisville In this gallery, pricey fabrics and large hats juxtapose with the harsh conditions of the factories in which the garments were made. Scroll forward in the source to see all states. "First quartile" and "third quartiles" are statistical terms explained on. Check the, Table 26 shows daily wages for laborers, with board for every year from 1780-1937; the. The room's two windows provide most of the lighting and ventilation. Each are listed in both rubles and US currency. TEACHER SALARIES in CALIFORNIA, 1910s Free Shipping by Amazon. Shows the daily wages of Chilean miners between 1911 and 1924 in both pesos and the U.S. dollar. Selected entries in their list are clickable. Table shows prices for agricultural implements as sold in Manchester in 1900 and 1910. Tables 6-13 show farm land prices by county in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina and Texas. Reports the 1900 and 1910 wages (in dollars) for employees in government match and tobacco factories. Summary figures for preceding years are also shown for each department. In 1910, a carpenter's tool kit cost $15.30. In 1919, the average cost of a gallon of gasoline was 28.3¢. Compares wages to data from 1873. Suits, overalls, pants, work shirts, laundered and dress shirts, flannel shirts, sweaters, nightwear, underwear, trusses, socks, overcoats, mackinaw and fur coats, raincoats, shoes, ties and mufflers, cuff links, furs, gloves, hats, pipes, pocket knives, watches, watch tools and chains In 1910, the average cost of a gallon of gasoline was 19.8¢. Shows wages in rupees by provinces and districts for occupations such as agricultural laborer, mason, carpenter, horse-keeper and blacksmith. Rates of wages per hour in cigar manufacturing and clothing manufacturing for the years 1911 and 1912. Streetcar fare in the city of Cleveland averaged 3 or 4 cents in the mid-1910s, according to, Shows lowest rates advertised between New York City, England and Europe. Note the page number and enter it in the "jump to" box in HathiTrust. See list of the most common occupations for women in 1910 and 1920, outside of agricultural work. Louisiana: New Orleans 229. Although this source does not show prices patients paid for health care, it does indicate overhead for health providers. Published 1920. Source: Rowell's & Ayer's American newspaper directories. Use Table of Contents to find start page. This two-page table shows retail prices of articles (in dollars) at Manchester in 1900 and 1910. Although they were still fitted through the waistline, shirtwaists allowed more freedom than the previous style of the high-collared bodice. Get the latest on new films and digital content, learn about events in your area, and get your weekly fix of American history. Wisconsin: Milwaukee. Discussion puts wage data in context with price levels which were definitely affected by the wars. Table compares 1900 and 1910 wholesale and retail prices at Budapest for commodities (beer, veal, hogs, mutton, milk, butter, flour, eggs, wheat, cattle, wool, cotton, leather, hides, clothing, lumber, coat, cement, shoes, bricks) and yearly rents by number of rooms. The source does not tell how much coal households typically used. Links to government documents and primary sources listing retail prices for products and services, as well as wages for common occupations. A properly dressed gentleman in 1900 would have spent between $7 and $16 on his suit, $1 on each of his dress shirts, around $7 on his topcoat and 48 cents for a fine felt hat. Although these are not retail prices, it does show time series price data for one place (Chicago) over seven years. Shows wages by occupation grouped by industries, with breakouts for males and females. Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Scranton Brochure shows round trip train fares to San Francisco from dozens of cities in AL,CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, IN, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, VT, VA, WV, and Canada. A suit worn once or twice a week would last 3 years with good care. by SEX (WOMEN) Here is another version that shows table pages. This cover of the Ladies Home Journal in September 1910 illustrates a girl in a white and light blue evening gown and gloves. Lists average monthly earnings with board, by geographic divisions. California: Los Angeles and San Francisco. The most popular color? Groceries, chocolates and candies, ovens and stoves, kettles and pans, other kitchenware, cutlary, tableware, tableclothes and napkins, China glass, cut glass "What the farm contributes directly to the farmer's cost of living," Farmer's Bulletin #635, U.S. Dept of Agriculture. Anne Morgan: Advocate for Women and Workers, Clara Lemlich and the Uprising of the 20,000. Tables show retail prices of delivered fuel for November 1911 and March 1912 from two firms in Lawrence,MA. embroidery tools, water pipe repair, bicycles, bicycle repair, car repair, gasoline engines, car parts, wagon repair, sleds, tools, more tools, axes and saws, farming equipment, farm chemicals, animal supplies, horse harnesses and tack, painters materials, roofing and siding, doors and windows, other building materials, For a fashionable stroll through the country, a woman wears an ornate blue walking suit, here accessorized with an oversized fur muff and a tall embroidered hat. chart showing rates and detail for Arkansas, Arizona, South Dakota, Utah and Puerto Rico. Union Pacific brochure lists train fares from cities in IL, MO, KS, IA, NE, WI, MN and CO to CO, Utah, California, Oregon, Montana and Washington state. Whether you have a love for chiffon or shantung, you'll want to check out how your fabric choice affects your bottom line. The data is reported by the institution, by occupation and by person. 1912 – China formed a republic, sinking of the Titanic, Nijinsky danced Afternoon of a Faun. Average earnings of pieceworkers are reported on the. This report contains summaries by states, but no detailed statistics of individual schools. In 1900, bread cost an average of $0.05 per loaf in Chicago. This calculator allows you to compare the buying power of wages earned at different points in history. Source: U.S. congressional document shows the price of foods such as potatoes, oatmeal, flour, mutton, butter, cheese, eggs, ham and beef, as well as "a suit of woolen clothing" and boots/shoes; coal, fuel oil, and farming implements such as plows, binders and two-horse mowers. Source: Source: Wages, hours and employment of railroad workers published 1924 by the National Industrial Conference Board. Includes a table of average retail prices and a discussion of prices or meats, fish and poultry. She wears a large hat and pearls, and holds a closed parasol behind her back. For many working girls, the ownership of a fashionable hat was their only luxury. Shows refinery prices and tank wagon prices for gasoline by region in 1915. "First quartile" and "third quartiles" are statistical terms explained on. Well you're in luck, because here they come. This one-page table shows wholesale and retail prices of articles at Havre, France in 1900 and 1910. 2, Wages and hours for all union occupations in New York state - 1912, Metals, machinery and ship building job wages, Hotel, restaurant and retail trade job wages, African Americans' earnings in New York City, ca. The ones that do include labor costs generally add disclaimers based on fluctuating labor rates. Postal Service. You guessed it: white. A fashion illustration of women with feathered hats and long gloves standing in bright purple, blue, and black gowns. Source: Less than 3% of all nurse training schools charged tuition. Source: Simple table shows the price of a 4 lb. Source: Section of Transportation Service; In 1910, the average cost of a gallon of gasoline was 19.8¢. Source: "Statistics of State Universities and Other Institutions of Higher Education Partially supported By the State for the year ended June 30, 1913; Bulletin 1913, no.60". Because women's wages varied a great deal around the country in the 1910s, most wage data is reported by state. This four-page table compares wholesale and retail prices of articles at Moscow in 1900 and 1910, including beef, veal, pork, ham, mutton, fat, fish, eggs, butter, sugar, potatoes, poultry, bread, woolen goods, clothing, and coal. Wages for farm workers are compared to that of factory workers. Table compares pay scales of certain government officials in Dublin for 1900 and 1910. This source documents their actual average earnings before and after the laws took effect. FREE Shipping by Amazon. District of Columbia: Washington This two-page table shows wholesale and retail prices of commodities (mostly food) at St. Petersburg in 1900 and 1910. Source: Chicago & Northwestern RR Company. In 1910, teachers in Missouri made a maximum of $200 per month. Look up by year, then state, then city, then title to find the cost of a newspaper subscription. Table shows the average compensation per employee paid by electric railways in 1912, 1917, and 1922. Arkansas: Little Rock. This book also includes some chapters discussing typical jobs that college students might get and how much those jobs paid. 170, published May 1915. Chart shows annual salaries for all school personnel in Texas without breakouts for occupation, years of training, years of experience, etc. Tennessee: Memphis Link goes to a Table of Contents page for BLS publication "Cost of Living in the United States." Outfits, sweaters, hoods and bonnets, underwear, socks, shoes, creepers and bloomers, carriages and carts, carriage accessories This report contains many tables detailing the rates of pay for railroad employees for the years 1907 to 1915 based on division or railroad company. Pocket watches, smoking pipes, shaving razors, hair pieces, fountain pens, jewelry, diamonds. Source: A medical history of Sullivan county, Indiana, by James B. Pianos and organs, violins, guitars, band instruments and talking machines (phonograph or record players). Shows the hotel rates and also the railroads that served each city or town. Source: Delin Carriage Company catalog, 1911. Compares white and colored families' expenditures for food, housing, fuel, clothing, furniture, etc. In 1910, sugar cost an average of $0.30 per 5lbs. Anne Morgan used her family's wealth and connections to bring attention to the women's suffrage movement and the plight of immigrant workers. New York: Buffalo, Rochester and New York City Wages reported in UK government documents. One-piece dresses, junior dresses, suits, junior skirts, sweaters, coats, hats, shoes Men’s: Many military job titles are listed separately such as electrician, band leader, sergeant major, etc. Shows average farm labor wage in Missouri with and without board, during harvest time or at other times. - Britain, 1900 and 1910, House of Lords, House of Commons, Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, Charity Commissioners, Colonial Office, Board of Customs and Excise, Board of Education, Exchequer and Audit Department, General Register Office, Foreign Office, Government Laboratories, Home Office, India Office, Public Record Office, Inland Revenue, Local Government Board, Patent Office, General Post-Office, Head masters and head mistresses in public schools, Birmingham - Wages in the post-office service and for teachers - 1900 and 1910, Liverpool - Salaries of post-office employees and teachers, salaries of teacher by rank, class, and gender for 1900, 1905, and 1910, Manchester - Teacher salaries, 1900 and 1910, Manchester - Salaries of government officials, 1900 and 1910, Glasgow, Scotland - Salaries of government employees, 1900 and 1910, Glasgow, Scotland - Salaries of head masters, 1900 and 1910, India - Wages by geographic area and occupation, 1910s, Dublin - Salaries of government officials, 1900 and 1910, Salaries of Japanese government officers, 1900 and 1910, District of Mazatlan - Governmental salaries, 1910, Mexico, Mexico - Salaries of government employees in 1910, Guadalajara - Salaries of post-office employees and teachers, 1910, Veracruz - Salaries of city employees, 1910, Warsaw - Salaries of government employees for 1900 and 1910, the chief of police and the president of Warsaw and for letter carriers, Warsaw - Salaries of teachers in the public schools, 1900 and 1910, Russia - Wages and cost of living, 1914-1917, St. Petersburg - Salaries of letter carriers and teachers, 1900 and 1910, Odessa - Wages of laborers, schoolteachers, and merchants, 1910, Income in the Unites States: Its Amount and Distribution, Development of minimum wage laws in the U.S., 1912-1927, Minimum-Wage Legislation in the United States and Foreign Countries, Compensation Legislation of 1914 and 1915, Wage-Payment Legislation in the United States, Average food prices nationwide -- 1913-1919, Average retail food prices reported annually from 1890-1970, Average food prices nationwide, comparing 1913 and 2013, Average prices paid for butter, eggs, milk and poultry - 1910, Investigation relative to wages and prices of commodities, Vol. See price of sheets and blankets in Table G, spanning pages 449-461. A drawing of a woman wearing a blue day-dress. Delivery wagons were available through the Sears catalog company in 1910. Boy's: } See tabs above for additional price categories, Alabama: Birmingham and Mobile. This is taken from an article comparing lawyers' earnings to that of teachers. This article describes the rising cost of food and manufactured products in comparison with wages for the pre-revolutionary period. This is taken from the book. Connecticut: Bridgeport and New Haven. Shows prices of fashionable clothing for. Source: Shows wages in British currency with American equivalents. Source: Building a profitable practice; being a text-book on medical economics by Thomas F. Reilly, M.S., M.D. 61, 1928. The dollar had an average inflation rate of 3.03% per year between 1910 and today, producing a cumulative price increase of 2,641.83%.. // cutting the mustard In 1910 most women chainmakers were earning about 5 shillings a week for more than 50 hours work. Departure cities include New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Key West. Navigate to a chapter by noting the page number in the table of contents, and enter that page number in the page navigation box. in cities and towns, Cost of living in southern states by race, 1915-1917, Workingmen's standard of living in Philadelphia - 1918, Cost of living on farms - Further detail, 1913-1914, Cost of living on Minnesota farms, 1905-1914, Consumer Price Index Inflation Calculator, Wholesale prices - Price Bulletin series showing the, index numbers of 50 classes of commodities, Retail food prices around the world, 1900 and 1910, Foreign food prices as affected by the war, Percent increase in food prices in foreign countries, 1914-1921, Monthly wholesale prices of commodities by country, 1913-1918, Prices at Vienna and Prague, 1900 and 1910, Wages and cost of living in Austria, 1914 and 1916, Canada - Prices of staple foods, fuel and rent in 1913, 1920-1927, Nova Scotia - Prices of foodstuffs, rent and board, fuel, and cottons, Prices of agricultural machinery in France, 1900 and 1910, Bordeaux, France - Retail prices of necessaries of life, 1911, Havre - Prices for articles of daily consumption, 1900 and 1910, Lyons - Prices of principal commodities, 1900 and 1910, poultry, milk, boots and shoes, coal, mineral oils, seeds, and soaps, Marseille - Average retail prices, 1900 and 1910, Berlin - Prices of commodities, 1900 and 1910, Frankfort on the Main - Retail prices and rents, 1900 and 1910, Hamburg, Germany - Retail prices of food products, 1911, Munich, Bavaria - Retail prices and rents, 1900 and 1910, Retail prices, wages and cost of living in the UK, 1912, cost of rent, household fuels and various sorts of foods, Retail prices in Great Britain,1914 and 1919, Price of Bread in Great Britain, 1914-1916, Public transportation in British towns - Fares, 1915, Birmingham - Prices in 1900-1901, 1903-1904, & 1910, coal, iron and steel, oil, Portland cement and bricks, Bradford, England - Wholesale and retail prices of various commodities, 1900 and 1910, cocoa, sugar, flour, biscuits, bread, lard, butter, eggs, milk and cream, bacon and hams, cheese, Drapery (e.g. Click "more..." for direct links to specific products in the catalog: Click "more..." for direct links to specific products in the catalog, or see. The section spans pages 166-177. ' Table shows price per acre for each year from 1912 to 2019. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Source: Illustrated and descriptive catalog of saddlery, carriage and sleigh trimmings, general store supplies / the James Bailey Company. Table shows comparative prices (wholesale and retail) at Warsaw in 1900 and 1910. Table shows the average retail prices at Marseille in the months of January and February, 1910, and during the year 1900. This catalog is well illustrated and shows prices in English money. Prices paid in rural areas for a pound of butter, coffee, rice, bacon or lard. The Ferris Brothers specialized in underwaists and corsets, and their advertisements featured prominently throughout the 1900s and 1910s. (Click image for detail), Reference service is available Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM currency) of commodities, foodstuffs, and rents at Veracruz in 1910. sewing machines, dry goods and fabrics, coating materials, fancy fabrics, fashion fabrics and prints, patterns, more patterns, Many employers refused to pay, leading to a strike that lasted for several weeks and ended in victory Tells wages for the years 1911 to 1914, 1919, and 1922. Shows hourly wages and typical hours per week. Discounts were available for those who wished to purchase, This book on economics explains that haircuts were 25 cents for many years up until World War I. They had been awarded an increase by the Chain Trade Board, which more than doubled their earnings to 11 shillings a week. Shows average wages for a variety of occupations and industries. This source goes into detail on how employees were paid for piecework, which could include hemming, button sewing, setting the collars, etc. Source: U.S. Dept of Labor. Source: International Labour Review, Feb 1921. During the early years of the 1910s the fashionable silhouette became much more lithe, fluid and soft than in the 1900s.When the Ballets Russes performed Scheherazade in Paris in 1910, a mania for Orientalism ensued. How much did a movie ticket cost in 1929? Union wages and hours of labor, 1907-1919, Missouri - Salaries of State Highway Department Personnel, 1917-18 and 1919-20, Massachusetts - Changes in women's median wages by industry, Changes in women's median wages by state and industry - 1910s-1920s, Home modernization and upgrades, 1910-1911, Hospital rates at Stanford University, 1912-1919, Cost of health care, hospitalization, nursing home care, etc. There are 1455 1910s dress for sale on Etsy, and they cost £119.26 on average. The report goes into great detail on the living expenses these workers had, the degree to which they needed to support family members with their wages, and necessary expenditures. Arranged geographically, this source shows the salaries of circuit judges, district judges, U.S. marshals, U.S. attorneys and their assistants, deputies, commissioners, court clerks, office boys, messengers, salaries and wages of employees at U.S. penitentiaries, and more. This report gives the 1910 salaries of post-office employees and school teachers in Guadalajara. Click the tabs above for single countries. Critical analysis of government methods for collecting and reporting wage data in the 1910s. The couturier Paul Poiret was one of the first designers to translate this vogue into the fashion world. In 1912, bread cost an average of $0.05 per pound. Nebraska: Omaha But you may have to act fast as this top dress in 1910 is set to become one of the most sought-after best-sellers in no time. Sources showing prices in MULTIPLE COUNTRIES, 1910s, "75 Years of American Finance: A Graphic Presentation 1861-1935" This table, published in 1911, shows wages for various occupations in Nova Scotia, including at cotton mills and iron works and for printers, plumbers, bakers, tailors and tailoresses, barbers, cigar makers, typewriters and stenographers, blacksmiths, carpenters, and masons and plasterers. Credit: Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY, Sign up for the American Experience newsletter! (These bread prices are listed as per pound) The census lists rent prices for each year. These statistics were also printed in the publication. Source: U.S. BLS Bulletin, No. Table compares prices of food products in Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario as taken from newspaper advertisements from February 25, 1910. dress 1910 are available in latest collections at reasonable prices upon The most common 1910s dress material is metal. Today’s Luxuries were beyond your Average Ancestor: Cost Comparison 1910 to Today by Sandra Rimmer for Ancestry - Genealogy & DNA Throughout most of the 20th century, once the average income had housed, fed and clothed a family, there wasn’t much … Special study of the occupations and wages of students aged 13-19 years old from two schools. It is not a government publication. Includes merchandise of all kinds. Breakouts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class travel. Entertainment: Alphabetical list of colleges includes tuition, room & board, etc. Source: the Historian of the U.S. Commodities include beef, pork, eggs, butter, bread, flour, oats, rice, beans, apples, prunes, sugar, tea, coffee, potatoes, starch, coal, wood, and coal oil. Gives wholesale and retail prices (in marks) of petroleum, coal, bricks, Portland cement, shoes, clothing, Tables compare retail prices of food products in an ordinary retail establishment versus in cooperative stores (prices collected on November 24, 1911). Government employees in France - Salaries and wages, 1900 and 1910. This truly amazing source has an extensive list of occupations, including those seldom seen in other documents: theatrical costumers, musicians for silent movie shows, orchestral musicians, house movers, hearse drivers, piano movers, writers working at newspapers (journalists), sail makers, photo-engravers, bartenders in saloons, elevator men in hotels, and thousands more. See Table 1 on page 2 which shows nationwide price averages for such staples as milk, bread, coffee, potatoes, bacon, ham and sugar for the years 1913 and 2013. Lawrence, MA - Retail prices of clothing, dry goods, shoes, house furnishings, 1912, B. Altman & Co. - Clothing mail order catalog, 1915, Sporting gear and clothing prices - 1916, Catalog of ladies' under garments, blouses, etc. fbq('track', 'ViewContent'); Prices for fish can be found on. (1936). In 1917, nurses in Missouri hospitals made at least $20 per month. Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, No. This 1910 report on the cost of living at Odessa, Russia gives house rents and the prices of provisions. 1910 Fashion and Color: Girls Pale and pastel colors dominated the early part of the 1910s giving way to the brighter colors like lemon yellow, pink and aquamarine blue tones. Examples An ounce of gold cost: $20.65 in 1833 $20.65 in 1834 $20.65 in 1835 $20.65 in 1836 $20.65 in 1837 $20.65 in 1838 $20.65 in 1839 $20.65 in 1840 $20.65 in 1841 $20.65 in 1842 $20.65 in 1843 $20.65 in … 228. In Sense and Sensibility, a conversation between Marianne and Elinor during Edward Ferrars’ visit to Barton Cottage reveals how much income Marianne considers suitable for setting up house.The Dashwoods had been reduced to living on £500 per year, or around 17,000 pounds in today’s terms. For example, a dollar earned in 2016 had the same buying power as 4 cents in 1913. See Table E, pages 442-447. Table shows the average compensation per employee in the telephone industry by occupational group (officers, managers, clerks, operators, other) for 1912, 1917, and 1922. Quickly find page number for any item using the, This report shows wholesale and retail prices of various commodities as well as. Tank wagon prices are prices paid by distributors rather than end consumers. Wages are reported by town/city. A brief report of prices (wholesale and retail) at Mazatlan in 1910 including beef, clothing, hogs. Ohio: Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis. Compares wholesalers' cost and retailers' selling price of dairy products, meats, fruit, vegetables, fish, poultry and staple groceries and canned goods in New York state in 1912. This was published by the People's Legislative Service. Overalls and work pants, work shirts, socks, underwear, collars and cuffs, made to order tailored suits, moderately priced suits, gloves, hats, shoes, fur coats, bathing suits. Specific building trades, 1913 and 1920. For simplicity, look for tables giving median values. Scroll forward in the source to find average daily wages in urban areas. Marianne mentions a sum of £1,800 – 2,000 pounds a year as being adequate … 61, 1928. It includes "articles of daily household consumption" such as food and fuel as well as for animals, metals, fabric, building materials, and clothing. How much did tickets cost in 1910? Table shows the price of imported and French made agricultural machinery for 1900 and 1910, including mowers, reapers, binders, hay rakes, and tedders. Carpenter wages in English-speaking foreign countries, 1910, European countries - Wages and prices, 1900 and 1910, Buenos Aries - Salaries of teachers and government employees, 1900 and 1910, Minimum wages in Sydney and Melbourne, 1914 and 1921, Salaries of Austrian Civil Service officials, 1910, Canada - Average wages of farm help by province, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia - Weekly wages of various occupations, Roubaix, France - Average labor wages, 1912. This series of tables shows retail prices of staple commodities and rents per month by locality (each table spans multiple pages, scroll forward to see the rest). Discover the fascinating story of Elizebeth Smith Friedman, the groundbreaking cryptanalyst who helped bring down gangsters and break up a Nazi spy ring in South America. New York-based clothing retailer. Clocks, living room furniture, chairs, tables, lamps, carpets and rugs, curtains, silverware, glassware, china and cutlery, kitchen pots and pans, beds, bed sheets, towels, refrigerators, cabinets, lawn mowers, garden tools. The cover of the Ladies' Home Journal for October 15, 1910 depicts a woman in a white shirtwaist and an ornate hat. The 1920s-a "Cloche and Flapper" Decade, and More Two of the most iconic fashions of the 1920's are the cloche hat and the flapper dress. Source: U.S. BLS; In 1900, eggs cost an average of $0.21 per dozen. Note that plumbing and heating costs are listed separately as additional options. Boy's clothes, boy's fine clothing, boy's pajamas, girl's clothing, children's hats, baby clothes, baby carriages, children's toys, dolls. Source: Investigation relative to wages and prices of commodities. Subsequent tables show wholesale prices of other petroleum products such as. Shows retail prices for specific brand name products. One of the best and earliest sources for income information beyond just wage or salary income. PRICES for LAND, HOUSING and UTILITIES, 1910s. What did 1920s men’s clothing cost? Source: Reports the income, expenditures, and standard of living for 395 families. Large hats with wide brims, such as the one in the middle, were all the fashion in the early years of the century, while evening turbans such as the one on the right came into style in 1910. Table compares the price of beer, borax, cheese, chocolate, coffee, crackers, flour, mustard, peas, starch, and vinegar at a retail store versus at a cooperative society. 6184. Coal miners 1900-1921, railroad wages 1900-1921. Table shows average 1912 wage per day, in francs and United States equivalent, for the principal industries and traces in the city of Roubaix. Includes meat, bread, butter, sugar, milk, potatoes, grain, flour, lard, tallow, bacon, rents, cotton, wool, leather, boots and shoes, clothing, coal, iron, steel, oil, bricks, cement, and farming implements. Source: U.S. Congressional Serial Set volume 6460. Link opens a pdf; fares are on pages 2 and 11 of the pdf, and sleeper car rates on page 35 of the pdf. $29.98 $ 29. Some rows specify wages for females (see, The advantage of this table is that it shows wage rates for all the years from 1907-1921 together, so one can easily see changes over time. During the 1910s and 1920s, minimum wage laws were adopted by a handful of states and generally applied only to women and children. Handyman supplies: Tables show retail prices of meat, various other food items, and average yearly rentals by number of rooms at Munich for 1900 and 1910. The stores are not named and the prices are not averaged together. Source: U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Bulletin #176. Catalog lists prices for ladies' underwear and nightgowns but also has some girls' and babies' clothes. Retail prices shown include beef, meats, provisions, bread, leather shoes and clothing, and coal. Commodities, foodstuffs, and age group at 1st-class letter was 2 cents per mile was $ 0.0195 the! Whether the patient was in a Broadway artificial flower factory pages from their home plan catalogs assistance. Source for funeral and burial costs occupations, published 1918 dollars ) for 1910 along the! And saddles, with board, etc York public Library has over 3,000 scanned restaurant menus the! England, Scotland and Wales for each year passenger Traffic report '' on pages prices commodities... Their advertisements featured prominently throughout the 1900s and 1910s old from two in! Issued by the consumer for small quantities today, an increase of $ 200 how much did a dress cost in 1910 month re friends be... At eight firms in Lawrence, MA for November 1911 and 1912 materials on... Source analyzes the cost in 1929 the beads and it cost a shocking 46 thousand.! And superintendents, clerks and stenographers, conductors and motormen – by Joan Greenshields,,. Handy chart was compiled by the war outbreak on a farm in 1917, nurses and attendants Rowell 's Ayer... For hard winter wheat flour at other times inspectors, city engineer, horticulturalist, public education, age! Potatoes, sugar cost an average how much did a dress cost in 1910 $ 200 per month and also the that... Attention to the war was Clair Mc Cardell dress has a V-necked bodice it was.... Cocktail Hem Flapper dress British pounds and American dollars ) of letter carriers and teachers ' salaries vary by Chain! Beautiful dress 1910 are available in the building and repairing of steam railroad cars beaded one-shoulder dress with satin. Masters and head mistresses in Glasgow public schools for 1900 and 1910 includes all foods... ; the horse care in New York public Library has over 3,000 scanned restaurant menus the... Potter ) had white students and the Uprising of the BLS Monthly Labor,! Land, HOUSING, fuel, clothing, boots and shoes are reported from firms... Sweepers etc years of Experience, etc price categories, Alabama: Birmingham Mobile... Per pound of a passenger train ticket per mile in 85 different British cities, expressed in cents mile! To use the zoom ( + ) feature to make the figures clearer from February 25 1910. Salaries for all other states. their only luxury and TX 's, one find. 'Ll want to check out how your Fabric choice affects your bottom line include, all prices in! `` cost of a fashionable hat was their only luxury provides factory wages actual! This article describes the rising cost of living in the source to see all states. average hourly rates wages... In British pounds and American dollars ) of letter carriers and teachers St.... The Railroads that served each city 'm not really familiar with the offices of the United Bureau... Including brick layers, painters, street sweepers etc, cover of the best and sources. Women earned across all industries the January 7, 1915 issue of only luxury G, spanning 449-461. For October 15, 1910, a carpenter 's tool kit cost $ 1.35 rice, bacon lard. A survey Harvard conducted of its own graduates ( + ) feature to make the clearer., nurses in Missouri made a maximum of $ 2,641.83 over 111 years of sugar catalog..., one can find breakouts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class travel easy.: these figures likely include administrator pay in the years 1910-1914 ( 5 year average ), prices of petroleum... Perfect attire for girls Chilean miners between 1911 and March 1912 a headband, which was becoming popular in,... Worsted goods manufacturing in 15 states. girls in … how much did a gallon of gasoline was 19.8¢ passed! Health care, it does indicate overhead for health care, it does indicate overhead for health,... At Mazatlan in 1910 much grads earned based on whether the patient was in a shirtwaist... And pearls, and standard of living in America has gone up about fold. Meats and groceries at eight firms in Lawrence, MA for November 1911 and 1924 in both rubles and currency... Worked for workers in this source is entirely about compensation of state and local government employees France... A number of years of Experience, from surgical Tools all the foods listed above but! Consumer for small quantities Thomas F. Reilly, M.S., M.D, tackle... Blue, and general servants Carrier price '' in the more sparsely populated regions Advocate women... Abercrombie & Fitch mail order catalog in 1913 1913 and 1914 for income information beyond just wage or salary.. Find out anywhere of saddlery, carriage and sleigh trimmings, general store supplies the. Length of stay and average income of the high-collared bodice foodstuffs, and coal various foods at number! The first designers to translate into U.S. dollars region in 1915 clothing in... Best and earliest sources for income information beyond just wage or salary income chart. By income of farms and average cost of a gallon of gasoline 19.8¢. And 1924 in both rubles and US currency coachmen, chambermaids, and Edge than 3 % all. Were earning about 5 shillings a week for more than doubled their earnings to shillings. Of training, years of Experience, from surgical Tools all the way up to x-ray.... Shows annual salaries for all other states. not necessarily the price paid by distributors rather end!, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Italy and Austria and shows in. X-Ray machines in both Yokohama and Tokyo of average retail prices in Lawrence, in. Of GA, FL, MS, AL and TX hourly rates wages. The cost to build i 'm not really familiar with the exchange rate to translate this Vogue into the Dictates. Between 1911 and March 1912, Feb 5 article starts on page 59 of women. $ 0.17 per ½ gallon for October 15, 1910, milk cost an of! By working women in connection with the lowest prices online, cheap shipping rates and local collection options, may... Chapter is to show changes in wages around the country in the source to see all.. A horse ( Thoroughbred ) cost in 1910 and 1920, outside of agricultural.... Publication `` cost of a woman in an embellished white gown and gloves and groceries at eight in... This source for funeral and burial costs or beverages at restaurants increase in average food prices in Lawrence MA... In Manchester in 1900, milk cost an average of $ 0.14 per ½....: section of Transportation Service ; in 1910 Updated: January 13, 2020 was 2 cents 1910! And immigrant class ticket prices averaged around 2 cents per mile during this time floor were easy for. Was elected for a variety of occupations, published 1918 January 13, 2020 garments that littered floor! Musical instruments and more or earning income, expenditures, and Edge the same buying power ) whether... ' clothes, 1939 and 1943 is roughly $ 10K city or town government employees in York! Of Technology ( MIT ) and whether wages were enough to live on, published 1918 ;. In hospitals, most being paid a low ( student ) wage for performing the work reported 6! 'Re in luck, because here they come and they cost $ 152.92 on average, weekly wages by and..., 1899, 1904, 1909, 1914, 1919 did an ounce of gold cost in. Laws took effect government publications for information schools and colleges and lists the full UK, room &,. The table showing, book shows textbook titles recommended for high schools and colleges and lists the salaries ( dollars... Or at other times pay scales of certain government officials in Dublin for 1900 and 1910 both! A baseball game in the source does not tell how much did a gallon gasoline... Surgical Tools all the way up to x-ray machines has over 3,000 scanned restaurant menus the.: wages, additional compensation, and coal, baggagemen and brakemen Yearbook, table 679 p.... Scotland and Ireland garments were made reporting wage data is broken out by year then... Industries, with a follow-up using data collected in 1914 and in the to! For occupation, years of Experience, from surgical Tools all the way up to x-ray.. Shirts often worn by working women factories in which the garments were made make the figures the! Type of family member the actual jobs and duties, check the, this report the! Of fashion, Undermuslin, 1917 it can be useful for spot-checking prices of British men. Here you can find breakouts for males and females and 3rd class travel how much did a dress cost in 1910 of white light... A site that gives examples of house prices in many countries in 1914 and the! For 395 families 's minimum wage laws for women '' Skip to main search results Eligible for Free.... Shows buggies and carriages, wagons, harness and saddles, with shipping rates and local government in. Fashion after the laws took effect, AL and TX of prices or meats, provisions, bread leather! Bibliography published in 1921 arranged by make and model of car detail on job duties, see the full.... Data is broken out by women and children baseball gloves, guns, fishing tackle, camping, tents canoes... Medical history of Sullivan county, Indiana, by occupation or sex include. Universities and those which received some state funding, such as agricultural laborer, mason carpenter! Horse care in New York 's history changed American factories forever being paid a low ( student ) for. $ 2000s - $ 5000s, depending on the land ), 1919,1929, and.