We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. It really helped develop it. Going through that with someone was helpful. The final moments of the series saw the couple escaping from the clutches of Cha-Cha and jumping through time to get away from the apocalypse. BLIGE:  Well, not exactly where the character came from, but who she was is what I created for her. Free to download and share. He’s 6 foot 5 inches tall, and … The Umbrella Academy location: Where is The Umbrella Academy filmed? The duo also discusses their characters' massive masks. Cameron Britton is an American actor. I didn’t fully understand the character yet. A lot of figuring that out was with the dynamics with Cha-Cha. They live hotel room to hotel room. He announced: “Aiden plays him so well, he does that grown up so well that any scenes you have dialogue with him you often forget you’re performing with a kid. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, It was coming from somewhere. Plus, with the masks on, they’re forced to use our takes when we’re fighting, and not our stunt doubles. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. It worked out. Were there ever fights or action sequences that you weren’t able to do, that you were really bummed you couldn’t do yourself? I had to conjure up a whole bunch of stuff that would make her into the person that’s now so empty. Anytime there’s a really heavy fight going on, there’s usually some upbeat music behind it. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com for his series Manhunt: Deadly Games, actor Cameron Britton, who portrays Hazel in the time-traveling drama, said he would "love" to come back to the show to reprise the fan-favorite character. Cameron Britton on IMDb Cameron Britton on Twitter Cameron Britton on Instagram Hazel is a minor antagonist in The Umbrella Academy, and a major antagonist turned anti-hero in its Netflix adaptation.A time-travelling assassin, he teams up with Cha-Cha to stop the apocalypse. BRITTON:  Me too. Cameron Britton and Will Peltz have added to recurring casts for Hulu's Shrill and NBC's Manifest, respectively. You don’t want to make performances, you want to make people. Primetime Emmy Award nominee for his portrayal of serial killer Ed Kemper in the Netflix series Mindhunter. It really helped develop it. They put a lot of emotion behind it. Eventually, there’s a pretty tight bond there. You want climatic scenes to pay off, and sometimes they don’t, but that was really gratifying. I also loved the fight between Hazel and Diego. They go on a pretty crazy ride. ... and also played Hazel the hitman in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. That’s a lot of why you sign up, because you want to do a fight. Britton: Well, I don’t even think of Hazel as a villain. I had to find those places. That little brother/big sister thing felt like the right place to go with it. He is best known for appearing as Ed Kemper in the hit Netflix crime drama television series 'Mindhunter' and as Hazel, in another popular Netflix series 'The Umbrella Academy'. It’s a man and a woman, but we weren’t interested in a romantic element to the show. That drives him crazy. It’s the one person that she has to listen to, and she’s not happy about that. On the other hand, he is also known … Not in the film world. We spent a lot of time, off set, talking about where the other was coming from. I loved doing that fight. Bad guys always know exactly who they are and what they want. It’s such an odd couple dynamic, and just so much fun to watch. What can you say about that relationship? ‘Mank’ Ending Explained: What Happened Next? Alongside Mary J. Blige's Cha-Cha, Britton's Hazel is one-half of a pair of futuristic assassins sent to stop the apocalypse from being set into motion by Number Five (Aidan Gallagher). Netflix's 'Death to 2020' Trailer Puts a 'Black Mirror' Spin on This Awful Year, 'The Umbrella Academy': Mary J. Blige & Cameron Britton on Playing Time-Traveling Assassins, 'Gomorrah' Season 3: HBO Max Sets U.S. Release Date for the Italian Mafia Drama You Should Really Be Watching, Christine Baranski Reveals the Bravest Decision of Her Career, ‘The Mandalorian’ Cast & Character Guide: Who's Who in the Disney+ Series, 'SNL' Reveals New Joe Biden After Jim Carrey Quits & He's a Familiar Face, David Fincher Put a Dog in a Costume For 'Alien 3'; He Should've Kept Trying That.