Popular clover seed for lawns… Excellent in orchards, vineyards, and pastures. If you plant too late in the fall, it might not germinate till next spring. If you’ve got any other questions about whether strawberry clover is the right choice for your situation, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at McKays. Strawberry clover is seldom used for hay because of its low stature, but it is used in lawns, permanent pasture, green manure, and is a good bee plant (Duke, 1981). WATER Water two times daily to keep the soil surface wet for the first two weeks. Spring is the ‘make or break’ time for beautiful lawns, and your lawn is sure to need some urgent attention. 3. Plus, it will stay green longer during short periods of drought. Reason For Your Enquiry Do you know an effective and safe way to get rid of it? Trifolium fragiferum, the strawberry clover, is a herbaceous perennial plant species in the bean family Fabaceae.It is native to Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All Rights Reserved, Your email address will not be published. Deep tap roots condition soil while stolons (horizontal roots) spread to form a dense mat of sod excellent for weed suppression. Fixes Nitrogen. Strawberry clover can add a high protein and a very palatable component to a permanent pasture through spring and summer. This means that it will deliver much-needed nitrogen to a depleted or less fertile soil. The same goes for clover that’s used as a companion grass in lawns – it might take a while to bounce back in high traffic areas. Strawberry clover is a perennial, introduced clover mainly used for pasture and in mixtures with grass for hay and silage. Strawberry clover is significantly more expensive than other clovers and for this reason it is not used frequently. The seed itself is not organically grown. Hope you know what I mean because I don't know any other term for it. Spreads by above ground stolons, similar to strawberries. Drought Resistant. See more ideas about Clover lawn, Lawn, Lawn alternatives. Easy to grow. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. 14” low growing perennial legume which forms a dense mat with lateral anchor type roots going 4-6’ deep and broad lateral roots. If you're new to lawn care or just want the basics, we have lawn care tips for you. The strawberry clover blossoms attract bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects, particularly during the summer after the citrus blooms have faded. Then, sow at a rate of 1/4 to 1/2 lb per 1000 square feet. First, choose a variety of clover. Spreads by above ground stolons, similar to strawberries. Forage and seeds of strawberry clover are also used by big and small game and upland birds (Stevens and Monsen, 2004). Its natural shade tolerance ensures that it will grow well when planted beneath other trees, vines and shrubs. In saline and waterlogged conditions it is useful in mixtures with white clover. Pink flowers attract … No mowing. Q&A related to Strawberry Clover. It attracts beneficial insects and fixes nitrogen. most of Australia) will necessitate the irrigation of strawberry clover. Strawberry clover plants work with nitrogen-fixing bacteria to convert nitrogen from the air into usable nitrogen fertilizer. What Are the Little Strawberry Things in the Yard?. You can use strawberry clover as a companion grass to your lawn, as it will offer nitrogen and other nutrients to your turf while not competing with it for space. I need to kill clover in my strawberry patch. Clover also self-fertilizes when you return the clover clippings to the lawn after mowing – meaning less work for you!

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