Beautiful weather, great views, wonderful company, and the route was in great shape. What an amazing day! Not hard, not stressful, just lots of hours with few days off and very little time where I sit down and think great, I have three hours to make a blog post! Snow was soft, no rope, only a teeny crevasse and the bergschrund. Were we ever treated to a wonderful experience. Glad to have made it out here. I incorrectly misread instructs and headed southwest and wandered off into cliffs and avvy chutes before retracing my steps, finally headingup and east around Point 5930'. There are a few crevasses along this route that open up late summer some years. Ruth Mountain, hiked 6/5/2015. The route from the West Ridge Col over towards Icy Peak is mostly snow covered. Which is about how long I expect this one to take, because it was so freaking awesome. When Jefferson Morriss, Keith LeMay and Anthony Fiorillo set out on September 8 to summit Ruth Mountain, a 7,115-foot peak in the North Cascades, they expected that it would be “an easy mountain,” a steady trip up and back and a great way to spend a weekend with the guys. Ruth Mountain-Icy Peak 6/27-28 ... One crevasse is starting to open near the summit and is easily avoidable. A pack trail heads left and does the endless traverse to Hannegan Pass, where you then circle around via more traversing and eventually get to the Ruth Mountain summit. approach. I kept thinking about how fun it would be to not slide down Ruth. The 40 degree gully descending to the lowest spot on the ridge between Ruth and Icy is still snow filled. Shuksan." Ruth Mountain is a moderate glaciated peak and a fitting objective for beginner mountaineers. We met at Wander Brewing to go over logistics. Hannegan Pass to Ruth's summit at around 7000' should take around 2 hours. Ruth Mountain is at 48°85'97"N and 121°53'25"W. Take off your crampons and unrope if you chose to once you're on the summit, you will not need them again until Icy Peak. I bivvied at Hannegan Pass and the next morning I hiked up to Ruth. Ruth Mountain; To help prepare us for our Baker summit attempt next weekend (and because it sounded like a wonderful hike) we decided to climb Ruth mountain. Well, we hit the summit about 7 pm, after a bug-free (yay!) The guru of Coast Mountain skiing says to head right to the valley at first opportunity and use it as a direct route to Ruth Mountain. Ruth Mountain, 7,115 ft/2,169 m "A broad pyramidal mass 3.7 mi NE of Mt. Because the slope was relatively mellow, and the one known crevasse … Ruth Mountain is a 7,100-foot peak in the North Cascades, bordering its more famous neighbor Mount Shuksan on the northeast. INSIDE THE CREVASSE. The bivy sites at the West Ridge notch are snow free. I'd spent the previous hour or so packing and unpacking my backpack, trying to strike a balance between being prepared for "what if" and saving weight. From the icy summit of this ancient volcano, climbers enjoy panoramic views of Mount Shuksan, Mount Baker, Hannegan Peak, and the rarely visited Picket Range. I … It’s easily accessed from the Hannegan Pass Trail, which from car-to-pass covers four miles and gains two thousand feet. Check out the pics in the Ruth Mountain photo album and you’ll see what I mean. Trail for a solo hike up to Ruth Mountain. Lindsay and Jenni, both of whom are experienced climbers and skiers, kept talking about how fun it would be to ski down Ruth. Fresh powder from the winter blankets the glacier for endless first tracks, backcountry skiing, climbing, and crevasse exploration. The scramble up the "mud chute" was really, truly enjoyable. When your adventuresome spirit has been satisfied for the day, return to Sheldon Chalet for a rejuvenating sauna, gourmet dinner and a hopeful dance of the aurora. It was DEEP. ... You can see the crevasse in a couple of the photos.

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