Below I wish to quickly introduce Tree is about 6 feet tall. Foxtails are fast growers, reaching an ultimate height of about 30 feet. This fun, feathery palm has a rather serious name. Quick-growing palms are useful in both large and small landscaping projects because they will fill the landscape quickly. Email:, Home mail to with inquiries about Great palm for around the pool or close to a house. The Foxtail Palm tree, also known as Wodyetia bifurcata, is a magestic, fast-growing palm native to Australia. Foxtail palm is thornless and has a slender, closely ringed bottle shaped to columnar trunk that grows up to 30 ft tall. This palm tree can grow up to 40 feet tall with a spread of 15 – 20 feet wide. It has many of the same noble qualities as the Royal Palm, but it will not grow to be as large. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF WODYETIA BIFURCATA, THE FOXTAIL PALM This is a thin trunked, crown shafted, medium height pinnate palm that is very attractive in appearance. Foxtail palms can reach a mature height of up to 30 feet and grow quickly, averaging 2 to 3 feet per year in optimal conditions. Information about Foxtail Palm Trees. Fax: (619) 574-1595 The parlor palm tree has pinnate foliage with long broad leaves on the stems. Jungle Music Palms and Cycads We have different sizes of palm trees available to fit virtually every shape and size that your project needs. It produces white flowers at the top and colorful fruits that are either red or an orange-red color. Click the thumbnails below to view image gallery: Foxtail Palms, native to Northern Australia are one of the most attractive known palm species. No Residential Calls Please. species lists and announcements of Jungle Music's famous Open House 14401 Harbor Drive, Bokeelia, FL 33922 It grows a single, double, or triple trunk that is slightly spindle-shaped to columnar reaching heights of about 30 ft. Receive quarterly Foxtail Palm Triple Price: $15 per foot height Delivery and Installation available with 6 month warranty. Multiplication: By seeds, which germinate after 1 or 2 months. Palm tree of rapid growth. The leaves are pinnate, arched, and feathery or foxtail. Foxtail Palm Tree. True date palms (P. dactylifera) have been cultivated in the Middle East, … Erect with a Low Canopy. Even very young trees can withstand direct sun right after planting. Anticipate a mature height above twenty feet but almost always below thirty feet. Palmco offers all of these fast-growing palm tree varieties at various stages in their development. These are also useful for large residential landscaping projects where new plant growth is important. Q. Foxtail palms We re considering installing Foxtails on a streetscape.Is it acceptable to install Foxtail palms in plastic containers [ ~ 1 M diameter and 1 M high with bottom cut out for drainage ] in order to slow their growth and to control maximum height … For more information, give us a call at 239-283-4594, or feel free to visit us at our palm plantation in Bokeelia, Florida. This tree grows quite large and the fronds … Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. The smooth, light-gray to light-brown trunk is 12 to 18 inches in diameter, thicker … Directions, Jungle Music Palms, Cycads and Tropical Plants, TO SEE PALM TREES FOR The smooth gray trunk is capped with a bright colored green crown shaft and large branches that look like the shaggy tail of a fox. The fast-growing palm can push up to 30 feet tall under the right conditions. Native to Australia, foxtail palm (Wodyetia bifurcata) is a lovely, versatile tree, named for its bushy, plume-like foliage.Foxtail palm grows in the warm climates of USDA plant hardiness zones 10 and 11 and struggles when temperatures fall below 30 F. (-1 C.). If your landscaping project needs a tropical touch, then a palm tree could be the perfect addition. Specifically, this blend has higher levels of magnesium and manganese that palm trees need. For established trees, mix ½ to ¾ cup for every foot of plant height. The typical height a foxtail palm can reach is 30 feet. Positive: On Oct 24, 2015, vadertime from Melbourne, FL wrote: In 2003 when I was living in Fort Lauderdale, my sister wanted some palm trees to accent the new pool she was having put in her back yard. Sales! Directory | Our palm experts love to answer questions! Reapply every three months until the problem improves, which can take several years to correct, once the palm suffers the deficiency. The leaf scars on this palm tree will also reflect a copper color at mid-day, giving it a unique glow. At Palmco, we offer the foxtail palm with as many as nine heads, while other growers may only offer singles, doubles, and triples. Slow growing palm trees may need to be purchased at maturity to have the same effect. Tel:(239) 283-1329 | Fax: (239) 283-4594. Foxtail Palm Tree (wodyetia bifurcata) – Native to Australia Foxtail is exceptionally hardy and fast growing. White. Note that some of these small sized palms prefer shade as they typically grow under the canopies of larger trees in the wild. 1997-2020 be added to our mailing list click here. Overall Height- This is measured to the height of the fully extended mature last frond. This native Australian palm grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 11 and, like most palms, is easier to transplant than a typical broad leaf tree of the same size. The drought tolerance of the Foxtail is moderate and the dry winter months in Southwest Florida pose little threat to the palms health. It can reach a height of 8-10… this desirable species, Orange fallen fruit below the Foxtail Palm, TO Nursery Hours: This easy-growing tree grows fast and produces fronds that have a lush, full, feathery look. The tree grows rapidly to about 30 feet tall. Monday -Saturday 9AM-4PM, Phone: The unique appearance of the leaves, which form a circular arrangement of the leaflets, give this palm its common name. | Site It’s a great choice for any landscape that needs color. Foxtail Palm Trees are one of Tampa Bay’s more striking and unique palm trees that provide an impressive addition to any landscape. Jungle Music nursery stock or mail order. I recommended Foxtail palms and she had a local nursery plant 4 young trees about 6-8 feet high. There are types that can stay short for decades but the palm trees on this list reach about 20 feet tall or less at maturity. Foxtail palm is easy to grow and regarded as a medium to fast grower. Cycads Palmco offers the Foxtail Palm and over 20 other palm tree varieties throughout the United States. FOXTAIL PALM, WODYETIA PALM. Tree Characteristics. Flowers in Spring or Summer. Foxtail Palms thrive in warm dry climates and are fast growers. Palm They quickly grow to their mature height of about 30 feet with impressive foliage including leaves that radiate out in all directions. VIEW A PERSONAL (35 MIN) SLIDE SHOW OF PALM SPECIES FOR SOUTHERN CA, The palm tree grows outside in tropical conditions in USDA zones 10 and 10b. Height: 25 - 35 feet. Wholesale Inquiries Only. A mature Foxtail Palm has between 8 and 10 large canopy leaves that are about 15 to 20 feet long. A mature Foxtail Palm has between 8 and 10 large canopy leaves that are about 15 to 20 feet long. (619) 291-4605 Actual height- Often used on very expensive and rare palms, this measures right up to the tippy top of the spear. The price for the Foxtail Palm may vary based on its size and number of heads. Map | Price: $0.00. Name: Foxtail Palm Plant Type: Palm Tree Height: 30 feet Width: 10-15 feet Light: full sun to part shade Salt: moderately salt tolerant Deer: do not usually eat Zone: 10-12 Notes: This palm can suffer freeze damage in this area however could be used in sheltered areas. It will thrive in full sun, but will also tolerate shady conditions. We specialize in growing and sourcing the world’s finest palms... Palmco offers a wide variety of quick-growing, beautiful Bamboo... Its beautiful fronds give it its name because they resemble the bushy tail of a fox. It is drought tolerant as well as disease resistant and can reach a maximum height of around 30 feet tall. WHOLESALE PALM TREE AND BAMBOO INQUIRIES. Cycads Research the sun requirements and the height of your chosen palm before planting it. Parlor palm has delicate fronds with dainty texture. They can be told apart from other palms by their single gray trunk, grow to 10 metres and sprout light green feathery fronds. Botanical Name: Chamaedorea elegans. Enjoys full sun but will tolerate shade. Directions. The Northeastern Australia native is also self-cleaning and hardy. SALE/PRICES, CLICK HERE, Home Fruit: Globose fruits, orange in their maturity, which provide an ornamental touch to the palm tree. Contents The foxtail palm can also tolerate a bit of cold weather and light frost during the winter season. Send Foxtail palms prefer full sun but will grow in partial shade. A mature foxtail palm has a canopy of 8-10 leaves, each with the characteristic foxtail or bottlebrush appearance, and a crown of foliage 15-20 ft across. To 7. Leaves Pinnately Compound, Green, No Change, Evergreen. Parlor palm trees grow from a single thin, slender trunk that divides into many thick branches. The foxtail palm tree (Wodyetia bifurcata), an Australian native, is an adaptable, fast-growing specimen. Trunk: Similar to the king palm, the foxtail palm trunk is smooth, thin, and self-cleaning. Has Evergreen foliage. Parlor palms grow to between 6 and 10 ft. (2 – 3 m) tall. See more ideas about foxtail palm, palm, foxtail. Have 6 fronds currently. It produces white flowers at the top and colorful fruits that are either red or an orange-red color. CLICK HERE. The tree grows rapidly to about 30 feet tall. For questions about the price of our foxtail palms, call us today. In recent years, varieties of foxtail palm trees have become popular with landscapers and nurserymen in warmer zones of the United States. Adult plant size: Can reach up to 15 meters in height. A mature frond is bent over so it is often 3'-5' less than measuring to the tip of the spear. Carl Pool Palm Food. A product that was formulated especially for palm trees is this food from Carl Pool. Foxtail Palm, Triple. ... Palm Tree Liquid Fertilizer HighTech NPK, Root, Soil, Foliar, Fertiliser. The foxtail can reach up to 32 feet high, but usually stops at about half this height indoors. Flowers Showy. © October 16, 2020. The leaves give the palm its foxtail moniker. Height: 30 Ft. Growth: Fast Origin: Northern Australia Stock: Container & Field grown Scientific Name: Wodyetia bifurcata. Growth Rate: 24 Inches per Year. They grow rather slowly as do all palms. For potassium deficiency, spread potassium sulfate (3 pounds for small trees up to 8 pounds for a mature 30-foot foxtail palm) in addition to the regular fertilizer. The foxtail palm's official botanical name is Wodyetia bifurcate. Date Palms (Phoenix spp.) Foxtail palms also adapt very well to a variety of soils but likes dryer sandy soil, thus making it drought tolerant. The leaf scars on this palm tree will also reflect a copper color at mid-day, giving it a unique glow. Leaves are very plumose with leaflets coming off the leaf stem at all angles. As a full grown tree at 30 feet in height you’ll want to be sure it’s’ been planted far enough away from power lines, your home or a building. Palms A well-grown tree can have massive fronds up to Foxtail Palm Tree Homeowners in frost-free regions have a vast array of palms to choose from, and foxtail palm is one of the most popular. Feb 15, 2018 - Explore Craig Hewitt's board "Foxtail Palm" on Pinterest. Last modified: These South Florida palms like plenty of sunshine and they're … The Foxtail Palm is known for being one of the fastest growing palm trees available. The ends of the leaves are naturally ruffled. The trunk also has a closely ringed, dark grey to light gray color which slowly turns more and more white. Foxtail Palms are very clean palms. It usually grows more than a foot a year and can reach its full height in 20 years or less. Lighting: Full sun. This plant derives its name from the fronds that have leaflets growing from different angles all around the rachis making it look like a fox’s tail. Palm Shape. They're best suited for Zone 10, though areas of Zone 9B that closely border Zone 10 will work with normal winter temperatures. Trees Directory | Has perfect flowers (male and female parts in each flower). Palm trees that grow quickly allow landscapers to provide a finished, tropical look without having to put full-grown palms in place right away.

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