Japan is home to great companies such as Honda, Toyota, and Sony. We are the best choice for someone looking for a Japanese language school in Tokyo but wants to learn for a cheaper price through combining self-study and lessons in person. Ranking based on 152 authentic reviews of Japanese language schools in Japan Courses from 29450 ¥ Free cancellation Exclusive discounts & Lowest price guaranteed Free and impartial advice from our friendly consultants We are located in the heart of Fukuoka City, the biggest city in South Japan. Japan is a popular destination for international students. We provide affordable group Japanese lessons for 1500 yen for a 50 minute group … You can choose the course according to your future … Since many Japanese universities have internship agreements with many of these excellent companies, graduates from these universities will have a greater chance of finding a job in Japan. International Schools in Fukuoka. Since 2015, GenkiJACS’ Fukuoka Japanese Language School has been accredited by the Japanese government to offer student visas for one-year courses (extendable to 18 months) starting in … Fukuoka International School (FIS) is a non-profit educational institution that relies almost entirely on annual tuition fees to cover operating expenses. Welcome to the page of FFLC [Fukuoka Foreign Language College].This is the official web site of Fukuoka Foreign Language College (FFLC). 1 year course with Genki Japanese and Culture school Fukuoka, under a student visa. FFLC is located in Fukuoka, Japan. We will help you get a customized internship placement in an industry that fits your interests and goals. WAHAHA Japanese Language Schoolis located in Fukuoka that established in 2009. Introducing schools, kindergarten schools, and pre-schools with curriculum and education of country of origin in mainly an English speaking environment for foreigners. In addition, Fukuoka University also has a School for Japanese Language and Culture (SJLC) for students wishing to go on to enroll at another university in Japan, or move on to undergraduate or graduate school here at Fukuoka University. In Fukuoka, you'll experience a different lifestyle than in Tokyo or Osaka. It is a vocational school where not only Japanese students but also international students from more than 30 countries study languages and international education. Fukuoka. Genki Japanese and Culture School (GenkiJACS) is an internationally acclaimed communicational Japanese language school that offers short and long-term study abroad courses, learning the Japanese language and culture in a relaxed and friendly environment. Telephone: 092-737-2288 / School Address: 4F, 2-2-7 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 810-0037, Japan KCP International Japanese Language School in Tokyo; Genki Japanese Language School in Fukuoka; Language Vacation Japanese Course in Okazaki City; Center for Study Abroad Language School in Kobe; 6. Another awesome way to lessen the cost of studying Japanese in Japan is to do the legwork of studying before you go. We are not only a language school based in Fukuoka, but also an internship provider for the whole of Japan. FIS School Fees for 2020-2021. Studying abroad should not be limited to the study of language. With our extensive network of over 350 partnering companies all over Japan, we can help you kick-start your career in Japan! First, it has many opportunities for students after they graduate. Fukuoka, Japan's 6th largest city, is the economic and cultural hub of Kyushu, one of Japan's main islands. Because of its close proximity to Korea and China, it is considered the gateway to Asia. Maximize pre-departure study. Fukuoka Japanese Language School is a school that provides a home-like environment where students who aim to learn Japanese with hopes and dreams in mind can receive the family-like support they need to be successful. List of International schools in Fukuoka-city, Japan.

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